How to Transport Bike in SUV?

Ever faced the dilemma of trying to transport your beloved bicycle in your SUV, only to be met with spatial challenges and safety concerns? You’re not alone. Many cyclists find themselves scratching their heads, wondering how to fit their bike into their vehicle without causing damage to either. It’s a common problem that can quickly turn the excitement of a cycling trip into frustration.

But what if there was a way to simplify this process? Imagine being able to seamlessly transport your bike, no matter the size of your SUV or the type of bike you own. It’s not just about making it fit; it’s about transporting your bicycle safely, efficiently, and without a single scratch. That’s where our comprehensive guide comes in.

In this article, How to Transport Bike in SUV, we dive into practical, tested methods to tackle this issue. From bike racks and trailers to innovative DIY solutions, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to transportation woes and hello to more time on the trails or roads with your bike.

How To Transport Your Bikes On Your SUV?

There are two ways to transport the bicycles outside the SUV – on a bike rack or a bike trailer.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are essential tools that can be utilized to carry your bikes in an SUV. It is a tension-free option without worrying about any hassle.

There are multiple types of bikes. Some of the bike racks include hitch mount, trunk mount, and roof mount. If you want to know more about bike racks, check out our article about the best bike racks for SUV to hunt for more information.

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Bike Trailers

Bike trailers are great tools to carry your bikes and load these in your SUV. You can stack several cycles on the trailers for transportation.

There are some benefits of transporting your bike using a bike trailer. These trailers are made of tough steel. Thus, it ensures that the bikes will be transported safely without any scratches or any other damages caused.

The Indie tie-down method secures the bikes to be safely loaded into your SUV and also unloaded from it. This method is very convenient and quick as well.

How to Transport Bike in SUV?

There are some ways of carrying the bike in an SUV from one place to the other. These will be discussed in this article. So, to know more about how you can transport a bike in an SUV, keep reading this article!

Placing It Horizontally In The Trunk

An SUV has an enormous capacity inside it. So, you can settle your bike by placing it horizontally. It will allow the bike to rest in the place properly and fit in the SUV. You can even remove your front tire and then place it horizontally.

However, it is not suggested to place your bike horizontally in the SUV without any support. For support, you can set an object, for example, an empty cardboard box. It will assist the bike to be in place when the SUV is driven.

It’s one of the most convenient and costless ways. Do place it horizontally, and you can fold the back seat of your SUV. Then you will need to place your bike on the cargo.

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DIY SUV Bike Carrier

Building your tool to transport bikes in an SUV might sound like a difficult task to accomplish. Yet, it is a great and fun method to do so.

You need some materials to create your equipment. Grab a cordless drill, an angle grinder along with a cut-off wheel and flap disc, and a countersink bit. In addition to these tools, some parts were used too.

These are Sunlite QR Bike Block Fork Mount, flat bar, and knobs.

Moreover, you will need some other materials. Gather some carriage bolts, black rubberized spray paint, and some machine screws, nuts, and, lastly, washers.

Let’s get to know how to make it to create your tool to carry your bikes. Firstly, take a flat bar. Then make necessary measurements for the dimensions as per your necessity for placing it in the SUV. Then cut the bar as per measurements using an angle grinder and a cut-off wheel and flap disc.

Then, drill holes on the bar using a countersink bit. Then, take small pieces

of the flat bar and drill holes. The holes’ size should be the same as the screws you will use.

Moving ahead, now attach two fork mounts at two ends of the bar using screws. Paint the bar with the black spray paint and keep it for some time, for instance, overnight.

Now arrives the intersecting segment and that is assembling. Place the fork mount attached bar on the back of your SUV.

Next, put the small cut-out and drilled pieces of the bar and place the screws upside down in the hole. Place the flat bar on top of the screw and carefully match both ends. Then fasten a knob at each end where the screw is holding the flat bar. Tighten the knob on both edges.

You are almost there! Now open the front tires of the bikes. Place the bicycle in the rear part of the SUV and fasten it with the fork mounts. Yes, it is completed. Now, you can transport your bikes with you in your SUV.

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What to Keep in Mind?

By this time, you have been introduced to several methods to transport bikes in an SUV. Yet, you have to keep a few suggestions in mind to transport these safely.

Keep Your SUV Interior Clean

Do you want your SUV’s interior to get muddy and dirty? If not, then you should clean the bikes before placing them in your SUV. Wipe up the tires, the chains, and all other tiny and big parts. It will ensure that your SUV will be clean even after transporting the bikes.

Moving further, you should place pieces of cloth beneath the fork dropouts. It will prevent your seat from getting punctured.

You might not be entirely successful in cleaning up the grease on the bike’s chain. Thus, no need to worry and follow this simple trick. Put the bike’s chain on the small ring. It will minimize the chances of staining your SUV with the chain’s grease.


There might be accidents or events of serious crashes. Thus, you should try to secure yourself and the passengers from getting hit with the bikes. To do so, you need to use the seat belts to hold the frames and secure them.

These are simple tips and tricks to safely transport bikes in an SUV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transport more than one bike in my SUV?

Absolutely! You can transport multiple bikes in your SUV, but it requires careful planning to maximize space and ensure safety. If placing bikes inside, you may need to remove wheels or seats to fit them comfortably. For external racks, check the rack’s weight capacity and ensure each bike is securely fastened.

Do I need special equipment to transport my bike inside the SUV?

Special equipment isn’t always necessary, but it can help. Protective covers, foam padding, or wheel bags can protect both your bike and the SUV’s interior. If regularly transporting your bike, consider investing in a custom-fit bike carrier or a protective mat for the trunk area.

How do I know if an external bike rack is secure enough?

To ensure the security of an external bike rack, first check the manufacturer’s guidelines for weight capacity and compatibility with your SUV model. Before setting off, perform a physical check by gently shaking the rack to assess its stability. Additionally, secure the bikes with quality straps or locks and periodically check them during your journey.


Transporting your bicycle in an SUV doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Throughout this guide, we’ve navigated the ins and outs of various methods, from bike racks and trailers to more innovative solutions like horizontal placement or DIY carriers. My experience has taught me that the right method can turn a challenging task into a breeze.

One thing I always emphasize is the importance of safeguarding both the bike and your SUV. It’s not just about getting the bike from point A to point B – it’s about doing so without a scratch. Over the years, I’ve appreciated how a well-protected bike and a clean SUV interior make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Transporting your bicycle in an SUV is about blending functionality, safety, and ease. Adapting to different situations is part of the thrill, and finding the right transportation method is no exception. Whether you’re off to a race, exploring new trails, or simply getting your bike serviced, I hope this article serves as a valuable resource for all your cycling adventures.

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