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How to Let Air Out of Bike Tire?

There have been many instances where you had to pump air into your bike tire and inflate it, but what do you do when you have to deflate your tire?

Look no further as we will teach you how to let the air out of your bike tire, depending on the type of valve your bike has.

Why Should You Deflate a Bike Tire?

Let us address the elephant in the room. You may ask why you need to deflate your bike tire in the first place. The most concerning reason is overpumping. Every tire has a safety rating and is dangerous if you exceed the pressure mentioned.

This is especially dangerous when you take your bike out on a sunny day. This is because the heat will cause the tire to expand and blow. This is why knowing how to deflate your tire is essential.

Deflating a tire is also essential when fixing a puncture. When it comes to diagnosing where the tire got punctured, deflating and removing the tire makes it easier to deal with it.

The skill of deflating your tire is also required when you have to change your tire for a new one. It is challenging to change tires when fully pumped, so your best bet would be to push out all the air.

You may also plan on going on a trip but do not want to leave your bike behind. What do you do? When you have to cram your bike in a small space, reducing any bulk will help, and removing your tires will do just that. Knowing how to deflate and remove the bike tires save a lot of space.

Before attempting to deflate your tire, you have to know which type the valve of your bike falls under. Let us look at the most common valve types.

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Most Common Valve Types

When it comes to valve types, there are mainly three common ones; Schrader, Presta, and Woods.

Schrader valves are the most common type and are widely seen in mountain bikes. They have a distinct wide stem and are capable of holding high pressure with the help of a rubber cap securing the top. They are a favorite option among bikers as they are cheap and easy to operate. They can be a hassle as they need a larger hole in a wheel rim and lose air when the pump is removed.

Presta valves are lightweight and thin. They are an easy choice for high-end road bikers as they usually do not get clogged with dirt, and air pressure can easily be adjusted. They can easily be deflated by pressing down the top ring. The issue with these valves is that the shaft is prone to breaking, and the core pin and nut may break while the tire is inflated.

Woods valves, also known as English valves, are more commonly used in Asian countries and only used in bikes. Wood valves are cheap to buy and have a sturdy valve stem. Being the same size as a Schrader valve, they can be used interchangeably. However, they come in two pieces, so removing the top makes air get out at an uncontrollable rate.

How To Deflate A Bike Tire?

Now that you know the types of valves you may see in a bike let’s see how we can deflate tires with one of the three valves.

How To Let Air Out Of A Schrader Valve?

Initially, remove the top rubber cap from the valve. By doing so, some of the air is already released, but it is not enough if you have to stabilize the pressure.

To release more air, locate the needle on the center of the valve and press down on it. Most can do it manually, but it will be difficult for people with large fingers.

The better choice would be to use a long metal object like a screwdriver, needle-nose pillars, or even a pen.

To completely deflate your tire, hold it down long enough till you hear a hissing sound.

How To Let Air Out Of Presta Valve?

Like a Schrader Valve, you must remove the valve cap from the top. Doing so will reveal a brass ring. Unscrew the brass ring and press down on the valve to release air.

As you have complete control over how much air is released, press down on the valve till you achieve the desired air pressure on your bike tire.

How To Let Air Out Of A Woods Valve?

Remove the ring-like circle and pull out the valve’s top piece. Woods valves are the easiest to deflate as they are made of two parts.

You must be careful when removing air from a Woods valve as it may be easy to maneuver. Still, you do not have control over the amount of air released. This means you can easily depressurize the tire if you try to reduce the pressure. Using a pressure gauge to keep track of the optimum tire pressure might be a good thing to do.

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There are many scenarios where you might have to deflate your bike tire, whether changing your tire due to a puncture, overpumping your tire, or even taking your bike on a trip.

It may seem daunting initially, but it gets smooth once you get familiar with the three types of valves and the procedures. With the help of this guide, we hope you now know how to let the air out of your bike tire, whether it has a Schrader, Presta, or

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