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How to Fit a Bike in a Car?

Most of us are up and about since the break of the day, rushing to work and our monotonous life. If you, like me sometimes need to get a breath of fresh air amidst a hectic schedule and loves bike rides for clearing your mind, then you’ve come to the right place.

In case you leave this beautiful idea along with your bike at home just because you wonder how to fit a bike in a car, then I assure you that it needs no sorcery. A few tips and tricks and some of my valuable suggestions would make you feel at ease.

By the end of this article, you will find yourself to be more efficient than the weavers from the Mughal ages who could fit 6 yards of Muslin fabric in a matchbox!

What to Consider to Fit a Bike in a Car?

There are some crucial factors that you need to understand before carrying a bike in a car. Let’s go through them to give you a basic idea.

Read Your Car

Start by examining your car storage as different cars have different configurations. Monitor the shape, size, and design of the various compartments.

Based on it, you may decide whether can fit the entire bike in your storage or do you need to separate your bike parts for a perfect fit. You may have to fold the front seats if you’re placing your bike inside the car. Remove the mats before doing it.

Detach the Wheels

Bike wheels take up most of the space. Just separate the main body from the wheels and you’re good to go. You just have to patiently go through the instruction manual to rejoin all the parts. You’ll be a pro like a mechanic after 2-3 tries. Large SUVs won’t require this additional labor.

Placement of the Bikes

Ensure that the bike brakes are secured for them to work properly. So place the fry sides of the bike skywards, leaving the sides empty. If you pulled apart the wheels, then put the wheels in between the bike and its other components in a vertical position.

Do the exact reverse if your bike is lying down. Choosing the right orientation is very important. Place the bike wisely.

Add Other Layers of Protection

Make sure your bike is completely clean and dry before you place it inside your car to avoid any unnecessary debris in the interior. Your added leisure option shouldn’t leave a stain inside the interior parts of your car! Also, add some old newspapers to reduce friction.

Can I Fit a Bike in My Trunk?

Yes, you definitely can! Although we recommend you get a foldable bike to carry it in your trunk. If it’s not foldable, then you have to break it apart and put it in your trunk.

How to Fit a Bike in a Car without Taking it Apart

If you don’t want to break up your bike to carry it in a car, we’ve been working on some solutions for you as well!

Fitting A Bike in Back Seat of Your Car

If you find the above-mentioned recommendations very draining and just looking for a simple way to fit your bike inside your car, then follow these basic rules of thumb to avoid creating an unwanted horror story!

  • Use wet wipes to quickly get rid of any mud or debris from the bike and let it dry completely.
  • Detach the wheels and store them separately. Be careful not to slam the trunk over the bike.
  • Chain your bike to the small ring to avoid any grease contact. Put over a clean cloth to save your seat from any stain.
  • Then slowly and carefully put the bike on the floor and lay it down in an upright position. After that, wrap your bike’s dropouts to protect the seats from any puncture.
  • Lastly, whether you can put a bike inside your car will depend on the size of your bike. It would easier to place small and medium mountain bikes and time trial bikes to put inside cars.

How To Fit A Bike in A Sedan

If you’re particularly looking for solutions to put your bikes inside a sedan, then wipe out all your worries because bikes can be easily fitted into most cars or sedans. You just have to be a bit technical about the process of doing it. Some hacks on how to put a bike inside some common and specific cars are listed below.

Toyota Corolla and Camry

You can effortlessly place your bike in the back seat or into the trunk of the car but you have to detach at least one tire for ease. Users recommend putting the bike in the back seat instead of the trunk.

After a first few tries on different angles, you’ll be able to do it in the blink of an eye! Using this same method your bike can be securely placed both inside a Corolla and Camry.

Honda Civic or Accord

These cars’ interior storage space varies depending on the model. You have to start by separating both the tires of your bike. Then you need to lower the front seats to make additional room.

Put the bike in the back seat and the detached wheels in your trunk. If your Civic does not allow you to lower the front seats, then use the technique applied for Toyota Corolla

If you want to place your entire trunk inside your Civic or Accord’s trunk then put the chain side upwards, resting the bikes on its tires. A part of your back seat will be occupied by your bicycle though.

Subaru Outback

The car in itself is extremely roomy which ends most of the discussion right now. You can comfortably place your bike inside the car without going through the hassle of detaching any bike components. Large bikes with around 29in tires can also be placed inside without any struggle.

Ending Notes

We’d like to end it with a little word of caution. Please get your bikes insured to ensure proper theft protection. Bikes can be easily stolen from the inside or trunks of your cars. The super cunning thieves usually target the busy parking lots where nobody notices any change.

And before you try to fit your bike in a car, make sure to consider all the factors and do it properly by following the right steps.

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