Best Kayak Bike Trailer Reviews and Buying Guide [Upd 2023]

Are you tired of struggling to transport your kayak to the water?

One of the best ways to transport kayaks long distances is by using a bicycle trailer.

Whether you enjoy kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding, the combination of excitement and tranquility on the water is unbeatable. However, the process of loading and unloading your boat from your vehicle can be a frustrating experience.

With a proper kayak bike trailer, you can make transporting your boat a breeze.

In this article, I’ll review some of the best kayak bike trailers on the market and provide a helpful buying guide to make your decision easier.

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4 Best Kayak Bicycle Trailers Reviewed

There are several good trailers for kayaks in the market, and I have listed a few best ones. For each manufacturer, I have included both the cart and tow bar trailer options.

At the end of the review, I have also provided a summary of factors to consider when buying a kayak bicycle trailer.

Wike Kayak Portage Cart

Wike Kayak & Surf + Sailboard TrailerCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The Wike Kayak Portage Cart is an excellent choice. Let’s see the cart and towing stick from this brand.

This kayak towing solution consists of a cart and towing stick. If you chose to buy it on Amazon, it will be already bundled together. But you can also go to the manufacturer’s website and get each part separately.

Wike Kayak Portage Cart

Manufacturer’s website: Click Here

Wike’s Kayak Portage cart is an overall winner for its great value for money and incredible multifaceted use. The most useful of all features is how you can use it as a trailer and as a cart.

Whether you want to carry your kayak up and down the shore or you intend to carry it behind the bicycle, Wike’s easy-to-assemble product allows you to do both.

The cart works great as a bike trailer for kayak, thanks to its lightweight aluminum build and sturdy alloy wheels. The bearings have superior precision levels as well.

Many love this Portage cart trailer for its flexible, fast-releasing wheels that allow paddlers to have better access to storage. However, if you are planning to load up your boat with a lot of gear that might not be a great idea for this trailer.

The cart can easily fit under a number of boats. Does not matter if you paddle a kayak, canoe, or other elongated narrower water vessels, the foldable supports can attach and detach without hassle to many lightweight boats.

Key Features:
  • Maximum Capacity:
  • Platform base size: 24 inch x 28 inch
  • Bicycle or hand pull
  • Aluminum frame
  • 16-inch removable wheels
  • High precision ground bearings
  • Adjustable cart width
  • Lightweight cart
  • Versatile use
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Good for use by hand or bicycle
  • Pavement friendly
  • Affordable
  • Less stowable than other trailers
  • Not for heavier boats

Wike Smart Stick Towing

Manufacturer’s website: Click Here

If you are planning on towing your sailing boat around at the back of your bicycle, Wike’s Smart Stick can work as an affordable option to connect your boat to the bike. The stick is a breeze to use and easily affixes to the seat post of a bike as long as the seat post is up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

If your boat already has additional gears like a bow handle, ring, and bowline, you can use the long aluminum tube to extend the stick far behind the rear wheels of the boat. It’s important to remember that should not stand up while cycling with the Smart stick while it is hitched to your boat.

Since the assembly is a narrow, unyielding hitching stick, paddle boats and canoes that are lighter in weight can easily be carried to the destination. For heavier boats, the more sweeping towing force could bend the seat post of your bike.

Key Features:
  • Aluminum extension tube
  • Extends beyond the rear wheel of the bike
  • Varying seat post diameter fit
  • Suitable for any portage cart
  • Affordable
  • Easy to attach
  • Can be fitted to a range of seat posts
  • Sturdy grip
  • Suitable for other boat types
  • Not for heavier canoes or stand-up paddle boats

The Dumb Stick Cart and Tow Bar

Dumb Stick has produced a lot of good products for adventurers. Let’s see if their cart and tow bar are just good enough or not.

The Dumb Stick Cart

Product Link: Click Here

Dumb Stick is a reliable brand when it comes to making budget-friendly bike trailers for kayaks. Likewise, it does not disappoint with its versatile cart trailer that can be connected to any sailing boat you can think of: canoe, paddleboards,  or kayak. Your SUP will also support this cart without trouble.

Although the cart can tow heavy-weight boats of up to 165 lbs, the construction of the cart is incredibly lightweight, only 6 lbs.

Although the high-quality aluminum framing does not compromise on strength and durability, the feathery weight of the towing accessory might make it sway a little when carrying more loads.

What we like most about this kayak bike trailer is the quick release ability of the kickstand along with the storage space, primarily for its simple folding features.

Additionally, your paddleboat or canoe will be rooted to its path securely with the 12 feet strap and cushioned rails so you don’t have to look back now and then to check if your boat has tilted on any side.

Key Features:
  • Maximum capacity: 165 lbs.
  • Hight quality aluminum framing
  • Foldable kickstand
  • 10-inch dependable wheels
  • Adequate length strapping
  • Suitable to several types of water vessel
  • Durable construction
  • Simple loading and unloading
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of folding
  • Affordable price
  • Might sway more for the lightness of cart

The Dumb Stick Tow Bars

Product Link: Click Here

When it comes to the Dumb Stick Towing bars, one of the most important selling points is its three available different sizes. There is a standard sized stick, an oversized one, and an extra-large size towing bar. The base features for all the dumb stick tow bars are the same, but they do vary slightly from one another, mainly in size.

The standard sized stick towbar is a great kayak bike trailer that can be affixed to your boat, kayak or paddleboard alike, and it would take only few minutes. The material used to make this stick bar is rust proof poly matter, making the trailer durable and staunch enough to be used with your cruiser bikes.

The oversized stick tow bar prototype of the same model is constructed with a stabilizing strap that aids to stop swaying during the ride. The model fits slightly bigger seat posts, an additional 1/8th inch. Like the standard size, it is also made with poly materials that are able to withstand rust in the long run.

The longest size available for a kayak bike trailer is the Dumb Stick XTREME  kayak bicycle tow bar. This 36-inch-long, removable stick tow bar is proficient in carrying the heaviest boats, so you can carry around canoes, paddle boats, and surfboats of up to 110 lbs. without worry. Unlike the other sizes, this extra-large option is constructed with aluminum and has excellent tracking potential.

Key Features:
  • Maximum capacity: 110 lbs.
  • Suitable for 1-to-1.5-inch seat posts
  • Rust proof poly material
  • Aluminum construction for longest stick
  • No wobble features
  • Suitable for various boat types
  • Versatile size and strength
  • Heavy duty materials used
  • Does not jerk or swivel
  • Easy installment
  • Not suitable for upward travel

Carry Freedom Y Load Trailers

Product Links:

Small – Click Here

Large – Click Here

Carry Freedom has upgraded its previous 2.0 model to design the 2.1 Y frame tailers that are not only more loaded in features but also versatile in use. The best thing about the Y frame bike trailer for a kayak is that it comes in two different sizes and load capacity. So, if you have a larger sized canoe, kayak, or paddle boats, you can find this exclusively designed trailer reliable.

The lollypop polymer made hitch is strong and flexible, add to it new clamping highlights that make sure the Y frame trailers don’t wobble too much. Moreover, he added stability is aided by the robust load bed made of beech plywood.

A lot of bike owners who tow their kayaks from one spot to another, especially during darker evenings, love the safety flags and reflectors that come with the trailer. Another reason the Y frame trailer makes our top picks of the best bike trailer of kayaks is how you can take the tighter paths and turn as you like even with the hitch fully locked.

Key Features:

  • Wheel sizes: 16 inches (small), 20 inches (large)
  • Load capacity: 45 kilos (small), 90 kilos (large)
  • Tested Lollypop elastomer hitch
  • High quality beech plywood load bed
  • Aluminum frame
  • QR kti in box
  • Integrated safety flag and light holder


  • Dual sizes available
  • Versatile load capacity
  • Security features included
  • Strong load bed
  • Greater stability
  • Appealing and unique design
  • Easy storage folding


    • May rattle on rougher roads

Carry Freedom Extension Arm

Product link: Click Here

The extension arm from Carry Freedom is available in two different sizes: 0.5 meters and 0.9 meters, making the strong arm suitable for use in both the smaller and bigger version of the Y frame trailer.

With a safety splint and lollypop elastomer hitch, the extension can be used instead of any standard towbar and you can tow canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. Although it would be helpful to remember that this easy to hook extension arm does not come with a safety strap.

Key Features:
  • Available sizes: 0.5 meters and 0.9 meters
  • Tow bar substitute
  • Tested lollypop elastomer hook
  • Safety flag included
  • Suitable for kayak, SUP, canoe, surfboat
  • Available in different sized
  • Can be used instead of tow bar
  • Great stability and security
  • Can be used in many boat types
  • Does not include security strap

Reacha Sport Trailer

Product Link: Click Here

If you want a lightweight trailer that dismantles in minutes and is equally easy to assemble, this aluminum frame design might interest you the most. Reacha Spot has designed the cart bike trailer for a kayak to carry heavier water sports gear along shores, whether it’s a canoe, kayak, or your windsurf board.

The cart allows you to carry whatever you need with its load bed with a basket that is removable from the place. Most users of this cart love the storage space that this provides.

What we love most about this trailer its simplicity and ease of usage. The easy folding and unfolding system make this a time saving assemble with a ranging wheel diameter. We also love how you can adjust the length and breadth of this cart to fit various gears. Also, it is provisioned to be carried by bike and by hand.

If you are to carry the trailer with a bike the load capacity is 35 kilos, almost half of the weight when it is carried by hand. Sadly, if you are outside Europe, the cart is a hard find. We wish in our hearts that the makers make this simplistic, and efficient cart trailer available all around the globe.

Key Features:
  • Maximum load capacity (for bike): 35 kgs
  • Maximum load capacity (hand): 60 kgs
  • Wheel size range: 20 inches to 28 inches
  • Adjustable frame design
  • Aluminum construction
  • Detachable basket comprised
  • Different wheel sizes available
  • Fits any beach boat
  • Can be detached easily
  • Lightweight
  • Stain and weather resistant
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Only available in Europe

Reacha Sport Bike Adapter

Product Link: Click Here

Reacher Sport’s bike connector can instantly turn your handcart into a bike trailer for multipurpose use. The adapter has an interspersed plug system that allows the connector to be adjusted according to the vehicle it is attached to.

It is effortless to change the height and length of the adapter, with the help of a key and screws. Moreover, the snap-lock can also be adjusted to the suitable distance you need. This frees up space at the rear wheel and allows you to carry extra baggage if you want.

A changeable Velcro in the front adds to its versatility in being able to get attached to bikes of different shapes and sizes. For greater security, the adapter comes with additional safety reflectors which you can install in front and at the back of the trailer.

Key Features:
  • Rubber coating
  • Adjustable snap lock
  • Safety reflectors
  • Variable Velcro strap
  • Central connection
  • Light weight
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Sturdy lock system
  • Adjustable height and length
  • Durable finish
  • Not available everywhere

Kayak Bike Trailer Buying Guide

I understand that trailers look similar and can be a matter of confusion. There is no point in buying a bike trailer for your kayak that does not deliver what is needed.

To save your time, I have compiled a list of factors you need to keep in mind when purchasing a trailer for your kayak.

Load Capacity

The most important question to ask yourself before choosing a suitable kayak bike trailer is how many kayaks you will be carrying and how much weight. If you own a canoe or paddleboard, how many do you have to tow to the waterfront?

Make sure to determine the weight of your water vessel and add to it any additional gear that you plan to carry. Check the manuals of the product and double-check with the retailer to be sure that the load capacity of the trailer is enough. However, you must always remember that the bigger the size of the trailer, the bulkier it gets. Heavy trailers are hard to town and turn as well.


The idea that the pricier a trailer is, the better it is and the longer it will last is fallible, and it would be unwise to decide on what to buy simply relying on what the market price is.

It is also helpful to keep in mind that good trailers are not cheap. Most trailers come with hefty price tags, but if you can get a trailer that is most compatible, it will last you years. Other than the price tag, focus on suitability and, of course, value for money.


A proper security system in your trailers is the line between your hard-earned investment being utilized properly and it going to waste. Look for trailers that come with a high-quality hitch or snap lock that will take care of your gears while you are away.

Unfortunately, some great trailers don’t come with integrated locks. In such a circumstance, we suggest you spend a little more and purchase a locking system that includes cables and hitch locks.


For your ease, the cart and tow bar trailer we have recommended are a breeze to install. Additionally, they are also easy to dismantle every time you want to keep the trailer away. If any trailer requires too much effort and too many tools to install, the product might not be worth it.

Storage and Maintenance

The way you are storing your kayak bike trailer when it is not in use is also important. If you have small storage space for your trailer, make sure it is one that folds up into a compact size. If you have space in the garage, you can keep it safe, away from rain and dust.

Figuring out the storage space will also help you decide the size of the trailer you can purchase. There is no point buying a bigger trailer if you have to leave it outside because there is a lack of storage space!

Hitch-axle Distance

The distance between the hitch and axle, also known as the tongue, is an integral part of your trailer. The part only maintains the distance between the trailer and your vehicle but also exercises the required balance and control when the tailer is being towed.

Since the tongue of the trailer takes a lot of compressions and jerks, the material must be high quality. If you don’t want a tongue length that fits most trailers, get a fixed length tongue. If the length of the hitch-axle is too long, your trailer might be in constant swaying mode. On the other hand, it’s too short, too much pressure on the tongue could cause it to crack.

Wheel Size

Wheels with smaller diameter sizes have certain benefits, while larger ones have their own. Smaller wheels, although they make loading and unloading an easier task, might not last as long as those fatter tires do.

If your trailer wheel diameter is bigger, the load capacity increases, but so does the height. In such a situation, loading is an arduous job. Between the two, bigger wheels are recommended as they are more durable, and can take more stress and load.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get any of these kayak carts and just add the tow bar?

It may not be possible for you to use any random kayak cart for towing the boat at the back of your bike. These bikes can only be used for much shorter distances. You can transport gears from your car to the wharves and back, but for any more distance, you will have to use kayak carts that have greater load capacity, are more durable, and fit for water sports use.

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When it comes to kayak bike trailers, a lot of people go out shopping for their trailers without proper research on what they need. Few even pick up a random trailer that pleases their eyes. Unfortunately, when they get home to fit it into their vehicle, it ends up being a no match.

To help you avoid such disarray when buying the best bike trailer for kayak, we have reviewed the most reliable, sustainable, and feature-appropriate trailers for your boat. If it follows that it’s for your canoe, kayak, or another surfboard, you will need a compatible bike trailer for the towing job

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