Best Bike Camera Bag Reviews 2023 & Buying Guide

Whether you’re a casual photographer or a professional cyclist capturing every ride, a high-quality bike camera bag is essential. Adventure and nature enthusiasts understand the importance of a well-designed bag for transporting their camera and its accompanying gear.

Bike camera bags must be versatile, accompanying you on mountain trails, desert expeditions, and snowy slopes. They should easily hold your mirrorless system, audio kit, and camera for events like weddings and birthday parties.

A top-notch cycling camera bag should be crafted from durable materials and feature ample compartments for organized storage. It must also be comfortable to carry without feeling burdensome, and provide lasting value. After all, investing in a bag for your expensive equipment shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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5 Best Bike Camera Bag Reviews

To make sure you only choose from the finest, I have selected and reviewed the best camera bags for bike of my choice.

Scroll through to see what suits you and your camera gear the best.

Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW II (Backpack)

Lowepro LP36888 Photo Sport 200 AW II - An Outdoor Sport Backpack for Mirrorless or DSLR Camera,BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Lowepro is a popular brand among adventure seekers to love to go touring in forests and mountains but do so with camera gear and added gadgets. Lowepro’s Photo Sport 200 AW II Backpack comes from an already trusted line of the same company, except they have added more protection features with the 200 AW II backpack. The nylon fiber camera bag looks more like a backpack, and can easily be used like one.

The camera bag is equipped with different compartments, and stretchable side pockets so you can carry your DSLR camera, along with adapters, an additional lens, and snacks if you like. There is an extra pouch that allows you to carry a water container of at least 2 liters.

Moreover, the front of the bag is manufactured with a certain stretchable material, giving you great space in case you want to dump in damp clothes, a jacket, or your bike helmet for instance. On one side, is a spacious pocket to carry monopods and tripods, secured by the double buckling system.

If you climb up steeper terrains, a walking stick needs to be fit into your camera bag. For that Lowepro has designed rigid bottom loops that help you to secure your stick or other accessories if needed.

We love this bag as one of the best bike camera bags, because of the superior comfort and protection it delivers to its carriers. The “ultraChinch” feature provides cinch straps, that can be adjusted to secure the bag into a compact and stable carry bag. It is so lightweight and easy to carry, even with all of the gear packed in; you won’t feel the burden of usual camera bags.

There are so many straps and loops that sometimes, it may become slightly overwhelming but the AW covers are weatherproof and keep your much loved camera gear safe from outdoor damage. The cushioned waistbelt, changeable hip, and shoulder straps, all add high levels of comfort and security, and make outdoor photography a dream!

Key Features:

  • “UltraCinch” protection design
  • ActiveZone harness comfort
  • Cushioned waistbelt
  • Manifold linking points
  • Integrated body straps
  • Large hydration reservoir space
  • Adjustable elastic cables
  • Weather resistant AW cover


  • Lightweight on the shoulders
  • Looks appealing and compact
  • Outstanding protection system
  • Various flaps and different pockets included
  • Easy access to gadget spaces
  • Extra compartment for water bottle
  • Water resistant fabric used


  • Fixed position of camera compartment

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II (Backpack With Extra Protection)

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Black Pro Modular Backpack with All Weather Cover for Laptop Up to 15 Inch, Tablet, Canon/Sony Alpha/Nikon DSLR, Mirrorless CSC and DJI Mavic Drones LP37177-PWW, BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

As always, Lowepro has mastered the art of designing and delivering great bike camera bags and the ProTactic is just another winner on the list. It has been a reasonably rated item among other backpacks and has kept the same good reputation for years now.

The star features that make this backpack a favorite is how easily it can be configured to suit your own need. One additional advantage that most users savor is the enormous space and variation in compartmental bags.

The versatility and ease of modifying such a bag allow you to add only the compartments that you need. If you don’t want a monopod or tripod compartment, just unbuckle and detach the space out.

Moreover, on the top, there is another panel that fits a much larger camera lens, up to 200mm ones, with an additional smaller sipped section, in case you want to carry memory cards, a pen or notepads.

Where most of your items will be kept is in the central zipped space, which is placed in such a way that when you carry the bag, it is against your back. This means the large space is safe from theft wherever you may be traveling with it. Plus, the all-weather overs save your bag and the gear inside from rain and mud.

Considered as one of the most accessories swamped bicycle camera bags available, this bag has made its place with the two utility bags, lens, and laptop compartments and an additional space of water holders, which makes it ideal for traveling or wedding photographers.

The Sliplock system particularly intrigues many users for the great security it provides, thanks to its body straps and waist belt.

If you are looking for something that is most comfortable to carry, but also ensures good security with the promise to last many years, the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II will carry more gear than you can imagine.

Key Features:

  • FormShell technology
  • Dual sized built in lens case
  • Dual sized utility bags included
  • Bottle and Cellphone compartments
  • Removable Tripod Slip Lock
  • AW weather shielding rain cover
  • Duty belts
  • Adjustable security straps
  • ActiveZone padded body support


  • Can be modified most easily
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multiple lens compartments
  • Storage space for water or phone
  • Resistant to moisture or humidity
  • Incredible security
  • Can be used to carry laptops and other heavier gear
  • Efficient locking features
  • Convenient gear accessibility


  • Needs support to stand upright on the ground

Ibera Bike Handlebar Bag for Camera Equipment (Handlebar Camera Bag)

Ibera Bike Handlebar Bag for Camera Equipment, Clip-on Quick Release Bicycle Bag with Rain Cover and Map SleeveCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you are ready to make heftier investments in a once in a lifetime bike camera bag, you would want to consider Ibera Bike Handlebag that is ideal for carrying myriads of gear in its vast storage space.

According to backpackers, this bag is one of the most durable ones they have ever used and we know the reason for just tough composition might be its 1680D Nylon material cover. The protection against heat and moisture is further reinforced by AW covers.

One feature that sets the camera handle bag apart from its counterparts is the clear map view sleeve system that allows the carrier to simply take a look at the map or their phone without hassle on the road. Besides, there is a unique adjustable clam system for mounting the handlebar. It relapses quickly and is mostly a good size fit for a wide range of handlebars.

The best bike camera bags should provide both safety catch and most importantly comfort when you are carting around in your bike. Ibera bike handlebag is one we recommend as it excels at both.

With their lightweight nature, cushioned shoulder support, and padded interiors, as well as exteriors, they cannot be a comfier bag to carry your gear into. For safekeeping, designers have thoughtfully added reflective trim, so you can carry your bag into those nighttime photography sessions.

There is a padded divider that can be removed and the compartments allow you to carry everything from adapters to memory cards, snacks, and water bottles.

Key Features:

  • AW cover material
  • All over the interior and exterior padding
  • Quick-release clips
  • Fast release handlebar clamp mount
  • Dual sizes available
  • Weatherproof 1680D Nylon
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Easy viewing map sleeve


  • Hardwearing material build
  • Durable
  • Fits large camera gear easily
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Great security features
  • Weather proof protection
  • Light and comfortable on shoulders
  • Viewing convenience


  • Pricier than other camera bags

Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW II + Chest Harness (Chest Mounted)

Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW II Camera Case for DSLR and Lens, BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

While big, well divided compartments in a camera backpack is highly appreciable, there is a high chance- and you probably have been through this already- that you will probably miss a great, spontaneous shot because it took you time to reach into your backpack camera compartment. Especially when you are riding a bike!

This is what the Lowpro Toploader Zoom 50 AW takes care of specifically. This bag can be kept close to you; it is a body facing and compact design that allows you to have the quickest access to your camera and other gear. The integrated belt loops let users wear and carry the bag across or in front. Although a downside to the shoulder strap is that it is not cushioned, but it is adjustable to you modify it to your comfort.

If you don’t prefer to carry the belt across or with a belt loop, you can also the Toploader chest harness, that is secured with metal snap hooks. This harness is sold separately, but is too good to not be considered, especially if you hike up for a few clicks. The bottom snap hooks are provisioned to readily peg on your toploader camera bag.

The chest harness, along with the Zoom 50 AW II camera bag is a gem for nature lovers, dessert explorers, and birdwatchers and is a popular choice primarily for its incredible sturdiness, which could be the effect of the upper grip handle and side straps.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 24-70mm f/2.8 DSLR
  • Weatherproof AW cover
  • 3 way carry option
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Smaller interior compartments
  • Top grabbing tool handle
  • Top and bottom metal snap hooks
  • Adjustable waist length
  • Stretchable loop security
  • Tight fit advantage
  • Allows hand free touring


  • Handy access
  • Additional AW cover protection
  • Can withstand sudden shocks or jerks
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Suitable for cold weather use
  • Multiple carrying options
  • Built-in compartments for smaller accessories
  • Chest harness allows secure hand free carry option


  • Shoulder straps are not padded

Lowepro m-Trekker HP 120 (Waistpack)

Lowepro m-Trekker HP 120 Camera Bag, Charcoal Grey, LP37160CHECK CURRENT PRICE

For a smaller, more compact design of camera bags, Lowepro has once again shown that they know how to design all-in-one camera bags. The HP 120 waist pack camera bag can be used to hold mirrorless gear with additional accessories like the lens.

It is also suitable for audio and video kits, thanks to the central compartment with cushioned dividers. Further, the adjustable straps are easy to lock and easy to release whenever it is needed, something that is desirable when you are on your bicycle.

This fanny pack camera bag can be carried restfully on your should or about your waist. You may want to wear it across your body and it would be as comfortable and secure. The high-quality fabric used to manufacture the m-Trekker 120 makes it a bag that you can take out without the worry of wear and tear.

Moreover, the front flap cover is zippered and will further protect your valuable gadgets inside the bag. If there is some accessory you have to reach out quickly, the exterior pockets are just sitting at the sides to add to the bag’s handiness.

Key Features:

  • Durable Cordura fabric
  • Padded divider in main section
  • Buckle aided changeable straps
  • Front flap security
  • Easy access outward compartments
  • Fanny pack style design


  • Stylish looking
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Convenient accessibility
  • Front and rear storage space
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Can be carried two ways


  • Have lesser sections than other cam bags

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Bicycle Camera Bag Buying Guide

Now, let’s explore some of the essential factors to consider before purchasing a bike camera bag.

Size and Capacity

One of the more important features that you must be careful of is the size of the camera bag, and more vitally the capacity of it. This will be in turn determine mostly by what kind of equipment you plan to carry and how many accessories need to be fit into the bag.

If you are planning on carrying a DSLR camera, you will eventually have to carry an extra lens. In such a case, you will have to look for larger camera bags, possibly a backpack with more compartments. If you are to carry a mirrorless system, a more compact bag will be more suitable.

Some bikers need space to fit a filter, audio kit, and other smaller accessories. Look for a bag with zippered pockets on the outside for easy access if that’s your need.


When backpackers and cyclists are asked that what the one feature is that they would never compromise when it comes to the best bike camera bags, they usually mention the comfort. And we agree. Camera bags need to be designed in a way that they are lightweight when there is no load inside.

Otherwise, once loaded with gear, the bag will be so heavy; you’ll struggle to move about. You may want to purchase a camera bag that comes with cushioned shoulder straps. Most backpack style bags have padded straps that can be adjusted to your need. A good harness system also adds to the comfort of carrying camera bags when you are riding a bike.


After comfort, if there is anything that concerns bikers with equipment carrying bags is whether it is secured and protected enough. Thankfully, camera bag designers are now coming up with bags that focus on security just as much as comfort.

Safety is ensured in camera bags with various straps and loops. Look for bags that have adjustable straps and rigid grip loops on top and at the bottom. Few bags can come with reflector trims, which is a magnificent addition if you plan to rude out with your equipment in low lights. Lock systems like the StripLock feature are highly recommended for more protection.

Moreover, waist belts that lock securely also help in ensuring your bag and camera’s safety. If you are concerned about theft from the back, consider a camera bag that is carried with the front against your back. Camera bags with zippered front flap covers are also a theft-proof carriers.


If you have cycled all the way to your tour destination with your camera bag, but failed to click great shots just because you couldn’t get the camera out in time, the whole purpose of owning a camera bag is invalidated. Your camera bag must have compartments that can be reached effortlessly and quickly.

Whether they are zippered or locked in with buckles, the straps must be released in no time. Exterior and side pockets are a great help when it comes to having fast access. If you have a map to carry, we suggest a bag that has convenient viewable options for a pocket. An extra pouch for a sizable water bottle is most favored by outdoor lovers.


When you are cycling with camera bags, you are most likely to go outdoors, in mountains, deserts, or even forests. The high-quality material of the bike bag will protect your equipment from rain, dust, and snow. Moreover, a bag, its durability and resistance to wear and tear will primarily depend on what material it is made of.

Nylon fabric bags make the most durable products. They are also waterproof or at least weatherproof for your convenience. Most of the camera bags we have recommended have an “AW cover”, which is an all-weather cover to protect your equipment and bag from all sorts of natural outdoor damages.


The way your bag is constructed will determine how easily accessible the compartments are, what ways it can be carried and of course the cost of the bag. Few bags are constructed with the highest quality materials.

Whether it is a waist strap or the inner walls of the compartment, each space is designed to secure your gadgets in the best way possible.

The number of straps and loops and how good the locking system is will depend on the construction. Straps on the wrong places and too many of them could do more harm than good.

Additionally, pockets on the sides and folding covers on the top make for a great bag. If a camera bag is made with high quality materials, padded shoulder straps, and has several options to be worn, the cost of the bag is will increase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bike Camera Bags

What kind of camera bag should I buy for biking and hiking?

If you are riding out to experience hiking, it is imperative that your bike camera bag is lightweight. The second important feature it must have is good capacity. Whether you go hiking, trekking or bike racing, your bag must feet a light on your shoulders while enabling you to carry all that you need.

What type of camera bag is good for regular or everyday use in city?

For everyday use of the camera bag, you should go for a one that is compact and configurable. It can also benefit to have a bag that has easy accessibility and can be carried over the shoulder, around the waist, or the body.

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A specialized camera bag will be more congenial for carrying the gadget and related accessories, compared to any other outdoor venture bag. So, choosing the best bike camera bag for cycling from our list of recommended products will ensure boundless sustainability and performance.

Nevertheless, the most suitable camera choice for you will depend on how you plan to use the bike bag. It is also reliant on what kind of equipment you wish to carry, how often you have to use the bag, and most importantly where you plan to take it. Ask yourself the right questions before making the final choice. Happy clicking!

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