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How Can You Fix a Rusty Bike Chain?

Having a rusty bike chain can be trouble. A rusty chain leads to higher friction than usual, so you’ll have to apply more pressure as well. Plus, these are more prone to failures, and you definitely don’t want them to break while you’re riding them.

Fixing rusty bike chains can be a bit complicated if you’re new to this, but we believe everyone should try fixing these by themselves, doing so will save you some bucks. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can fix a rusty bike chain in detail so that even those who are new to this can do it.

Is A Rusty Bike Chain Bad

One of the most common questions that we get from people is if it’s okay to ride on a bike with a rusty chain or not. Well, it depends. Are you okay with the chain snapping anytime in the middle of the road? If the answer is yes, then you’re good to ride a bike with a rusty chain, but you should definitely reconsider your stance.

Riding a bike with a rusty chain isn’t safe at all, so you shouldn’t ride one with a rusty chain unless you absolutely have to. The best thing to do with a rusty chain would be to replace it. However, if you don’t want to spend the extra, there are other ways for you too.

You can always prevent that from happening by removing the rust off of the chain. This can be done fairly easily using the WD-40 degreaser. We’ll talk more about that later in this article.

How To Remove Rust From Bike Chain At Home

There are many ways of removing rust from bike chains at home, and we’re going to describe the most popular method in this section. In this method, we will use a degreaser, steel wool, lime juice, and lube to conduct the maintenance. All of the items used in this process are relatively cheap, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the investment.


The chain of the bike gathers a lot of dust and grease over time, especially if the chain is often oiled. So, the first thing to do would be to remove the dust and grease off of the chain. To use the dust and grease off of a bike chain, you need to use a degreaser. There are tons of products to choose from, and you’ll find something for yourself no matter what your budget is.

To do this, start by flipping the bike upside down and make it balance on its handlebars and saddle. If you have a work stand, place it on that. Look for the master link on the chain. The master link is a single chain that looks a bit different than the other chains. Slide the pinout to disconnect the chain.

As you take the chain off, take some degreaser on a wet towel or cloth, and apply it across the whole chain properly. Once you’re done applying it, leave it to dry for some time, and wipe it clean.

If you decide to take the chain off entirely, you can simply soak the chain in a bucket degreaser. However, that would complicate the process. End the process by rinsing the chain in warm water.

Applying Lime Juice

If there’s rust on the chain still, only then you should go with this step. Apply lime juice on the rusty portions of the chain. Once it dries, use a steel wool pad to scrub the rust off. You’ll find that the rust is beginning to dissolve slowly.

Rinse and Dry

Once you’re satisfied with the result, it’s time to rinse the chain with warm water mixed with dish soap. Don’t forget to dry the chain thoroughly after this!

Apply Lube

The last thing to do would be to lube the chain. Lubing the chain will ensure its smoothness that’ll make your biking experience much more enjoyable. There is a plethora of lubes to choose from, and all of them will perform more or less the same as long as you’re getting something from a reputed brand.

Will Wd-40 Remove Rust From Bike Chain

WD-40 is one of the most popular compounds used for removing rust from bike chains. If your bike has accumulated some rust, then you can try applying WD-40 for getting rid of those. Applying WD-40 is pretty straightforward. Just apply it with a cloth.

However, make sure to lube the chain afterward. WD-40 acts as a cleaner, and it will clean the grease off of the chain along with the rust, leaving it very dry. Unless you lube it after cleaning the rust, you’ll experience high friction.

How To Get Rust Off A Bike Chain Without Wd40

There are tons of components other than WD-40 that can help you get the rust off of any bike chain. We’ve already discussed how you can use a degreaser and lime juice to deep clean bike chains and get rid of the rust. Other than that, you can use the following:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a mild cleaner and it’s considered to be one of the best rust removers out there. However, this method can be a bit toilsome as it must be done periodically.

To apply baking soda, you need to create a proper mix first. Mix baking soda and water in an equal ratio and keep stirring until it turns into a thick paste.

Apply the paste to the rusty places on the chain using a spatula. Leave the paste for at least 15 minutes for maximizing the effect. Once you’re done drying the paste, scrub it off using a toothbrush, scrub pad, or a sponge.

Chemical Rust Remover

There are a lot of powerful chemical rust removers that you can find in chemical stores. These can be used to remove even the heaviest rust buildups. You’ll need to soak the chain in the rust remover for 30 minutes or more, depending on the product you’re using, and wiping the chemical with a cloth should get the job done. Make sure you wash the chain with warm water and dry it afterward.

Coca Cola

Yes, you read that right. Due to its strong acidic properties, Coca-Cola is definitely capable of getting rid of the rust off the chain. To do this, spray some coke on the bike chain. Leave it for a bit, and then take a toothbrush with a tinfoil wrap to brush the rust off.

If you don’t want to spray the coke on the chain, you can simply take the chain off and soak it in a container full of Coca-Cola. You’ll need to soak the chain for 10 minutes, and then rinse it with water. This should get rid of minor rust buildup.

Remove Rust From Bike Chain With Vinegar

Vinegar is another amazing component that can help you get rid of the rust off a bike chain. You need to follow the same procedure as Coca-Cola for removing rust with Vinegar. Spray the vinegar on the rusty places, let it dry for some time, and scrub the rust off with a scrubbing pad. You can also soak the bike chain in vinegar for 15 minutes to remove the rust slowly.


These are the major ways in which you can fix a rusty bike chain. If you prefer fixing these up over buying a new one, then you should definitely try these methods out. All of them work great, but using the WD-40 solution is definitely the easiest.



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