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How To Carry Pizza On A Bike?

While you are riding your bicycle, your eyes and mind must be set on the road, while both your hand must be on the handlebars. Utility bike riders ordinarily have to carry items on their bicycle and not having a fitting and specialized carrier can be tested when they need to transfer food items.

While there are saddlebags, messenger bags, and cargo carriers that can be used to carry just about anything, a cyclist is usually seen troubled and in two minds when it comes to carrying a pizza, especially one that is not frozen. A freshly baked pizza with all those toppings and molten cheese needs to reach the delivery address in one piece.

Here are a few ways to help you figure out how to carry pizza on a bike.

How To Transport Pizza On A Bicycle?

I have done my research and I have found several ways of transporting pizza on a bicycle:

  • on specialized bike pizza rack
  • on large bike front rack
  • in a bike pizza bag
  • on a rear bike rack
  • in a bicycle trailer
  • with cargo bicycle
  • on DIY pizza rack

Now let’s take a look at all listed methods one by one.

Pizza Rack For Bicycle

Let’s take a look at the handiest pizza racks on the market. Here’s a video to help you get a better idea!

Specialized Pizza Rack

These 33 lbs racks are particularly made to haul pizza at the front of your bicycle, whether on paper packages, pizza boxes, or bike pizza bags. Such racks have an incredible capacity of 10 to 15 kilos, meaning you can carry several pizza boxes at once.

The folding design on these racks allows the frames to pleat down to the shape of the pizza carrier. Further, the extra platform makes sure you can carry additional pizza bags. Bonus, the installation process only takes minutes.

Your cycle will need mid-fork laces and a gap in the wheel hood to accommodate the Pizza Rack.

We found it suitable for any kind of bicycle. Let’s look at the key feature of this pizza rack:

  • The Pizza Rack is a sturdy piece of equipment.
  • It has a carrying capacity of 33 lbs.
  • Rails with a diameter of 13mm are made of thin aluminum.
  • You can carry an extra bag on the external base on top.

In a city busy with traffic, this rack performs admirably. You’ve got nothing to be concerned about once you’ve added a basket or container.

When moving or parking, keep in consideration that if the rack is heavily loaded, the bicycle has a chance to swing around. As a result, you may need a steering damper.

On A Large Front Rack

The large porteur front bike racks were originally used in France (as you can tell from the French name) and were used for the transportation of newspapers. Although they are strikingly similar to rear racks, porteur racks are better for pizza boxes because they have a more generous rack area compared to rear racks.

You’ll still be using bungee cords, and you can also add a platform. Plus, porteur-style front racks are located above the front wheel and not at the back. This means you can have your eyes on those pies and pizzas all the time!

In Bicycle Pizza Bag

A pizza bag is a simple way to transport pizza on your bike. Simply install stainless steel on the bicycles. Connect the package to the shelf and carry it with ease, protection, and comfort. The majority of these bags have a safe, heat-insulating layout that ensures the food is warm and dry as it travels.

Pizza Bike Bag PRD-Miles 52-33 can be a good option for you. The unique features of this bag are:

  • A stainless-steel frame can be positioned on a bicycle. There is no necessity to unstrap, disassemble, or unzip something to detach the pack from the bike.
  • They are crafted with four insulation levels to keep the food warm before being transported to your gate.
  • Antimicrobial properties are used to ensure that the inner side of the container that comes into direct touch with food does not become infected by infectious agents.
  • Sturdy but light enough to bear without feeling weighed down.

Rear Rack and Bungee Cord

You’ve already solved half of your pizza-carrying issues if you own a bike with a rear rack. One of the quickest and most foolproof ways for small to medium-sized pizzas is to strap the pizza packet on the rear rack.

You can also use a couple of bungee cords to affix the pizza box to the rack. For additional security, attach any kind of platform. A plywood platform could be an inexpensive and sturdy option.

You may also use bungee nets to tie down your pizza box to your rack. Either way, one downside of using a bungee attached system is that you can’t use this method for large or family-size pizzas.

Likewise, if the pizza comes in fragile or flatter boxes, worst-case scenario, there’s no box with it, bungee cords can squash the pizza slightly.

In A Bike Trailer

Bike trailers, notably ones that are designed for kids or pets, are one of the most trustworthy options when it comes to transporting food from one place to another. Bicycle trailers are usually made to be carried on smooth, as well as choppy roads.

With suspensions, the stability on trailers is more than enough to be bearing stacks of pizza boxes. Most trailers even come with weatherproof rain covers, meaning you could carry a pizza across the neighborhood even on a day when the weather is unruly.

With brakes and security straps, you can even speed up and take tight corners without having to worry about crushing your pizza.

With Cargo Bike

Hauling groceries and food items on a cargo bicycle is a go-to option, even for food delivery companies that use bicycles. What’s great about cargo cycles for carrying pizza boxes is how you can strap in even the large-sized bike pizza bags most securely.

Furthermore, cargo bikes are remarkably sturdy and can take in a lot of weight without tipping on either side while on the road. Such cycles are regularly ideal to carry large pizzas or piles of pizza boxes for a big party.

Marushin-Style Stabilised Food Carrier

A pneumatic air suspension carrier is an exotic method of pizza delivery.

Ramen distribution bicyclists in Japan use this device. People don’t demand courier ramen noodles the way they’re supposed to, so they’re becoming scarce. Your pie will not move from spot to spot if you use one of such beauties. It won’t mix into one huge crystallized mess if it bumps around. It is approximately $400 in price. Sadly, it is only available in Japan. However, this is a great choice if you want to deliver pizza daily.

On A DIY Pizza Rack

Many bicycles do not come with an integrated bike rack. Even if they do, sometimes the racks are way too small for carrying the bigger pizzas.

Can you make your own pizza rack for your bicycle? Yes, you can! And it is easier than you may think!

If you are someone similar and don’t have a rack you need, your best bet might be to carry your pizza box on foot. Or you could make a tried and tested do-it-yourself pizza bike rack and save yourself the struggle of holding your pizza onto your stomach while trying to balance a ride. Here is what you’d need to do:

  • Buy a dough tray of a fairly large size. You can cut the tray to 20 inches by 20 inches or a larger square, using an angle grinder.
  • Place the cut-out tray on the rack and drill holes on the tray, equally spaced on four sides.
  • Use rack clips to place and secure the dough tray to the rack.
  • Attach 2 or more bungee cords and loop them around the tray

Final Thoughts

Being able to transport pizza on a bicycle is great for those who enjoy cycling and pizza. I have mentioned seven ways how to carry pizza on a bike, but I prefer the bicycle pizza bag due to how convenient and easy it is to carry pizza with it.

Now you can easily transport pizza on a bicycle while also getting some exercise before enjoying some hot pizza!

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