How To Carry A Spare Tubular Tire On Your Bike?

Tubular tires are preferred by a lot of bikers because of the amazing benefits they provide. However, these also come with tons of cons that can make things tough for you. One of the worst drawbacks of tubular tires is that they tend to get punctured very easily, and you can never be too cautious to ensure that doesn’t happen.

This is why, if you’ve equipped a tubular tire on your bike, then you better carry spares. However, it’s easier said than done. Carrying spare tires can be tough for beginners. One of the most common queries that we often get from our readers is regarding carrying spare tubular.

In this article, we’ll try to put an end to all your confusion, as we’ll discuss the top methods of carrying a spare tubular tire on your bike.

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How to Fold A Tubular Tire?

Folding a tubular tire isn’t that tough. However, folding it properly so that it doesn’t get damaged over time is definitely one of the most challenging things to do.

To be able to carry a tub, you first need to learn how to fold it up properly. In this section, we’ll discuss how you can wrap a tub properly so that you can fit it in any carrying medium.

To fold a tubular tire, at first you need to stretch the tub so that it’s long and thin. In this state, place the tub on a flat surface in a manner that the rubber side is downwards and the glue side is facing upwards.

There are two ends of the tubular tire, the valve end and the non-valve one. At first, you need to fold the non-valve end in a manner that the folded portion is equal in length to your pinky finger. Once there, you need to keep folding the tire keeping the length of the folds the same.

What’s challenging is folding the last segment, because the valve tends to get in the way. You’ll need some practice before you can tidy up the last fold in a manner that the valve doesn’t stick out. When you’re doing the last fold, make sure that the valve isn’t protruding from the fold, but is on the inner side of the folds.

Now, once the entire tube is folded, you need to find a way to compress it even further. We usually go for tapes, but you can do so with any other tying material. Usage of ropes is highly recommended.

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Storage Choices

Once you have the tubular tire folded up, it’s time to find the right carrying method for it. There are different types of cases and bags in which you can do this. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods.

Strapping It Between Saddle Rails

The easiest and cheapest way of carrying your spare tubular tires is by strapping them in between saddle rails. The way you would usually fold the tubular tire will make it perfect for strapping under the saddle rails.

To do this, you won’t have to buy any other case or carrying pouch. Just take the folded and taped tube and use a strap to tie the compressed and folded tube in between the saddle rails. This is definitely very easy to do, but it will leave the tube exposed to the environment, which is why this method isn’t highly recommended.

Saddle Bag


This is one of the best and easiest ways of carrying your spare tubular tires. You need to purchase a carrying case first. There are different types of carrying cases, and in this method, you’ll have to get yourself a saddlebag.

You’ll find tons of saddlebags on the market. However, we highly recommend the ROCKBROS Bike Seat Bag. This is a very versatile and compact bag that allows you to carry your tubes easily.

Container Bottle

Elite 0122902 Super Byasi Water BottleElite 0122902 Super Byasi Water BottleCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you want to keep your tubes fresh over time and you don’t want to compromise with the quality, you should definitely get a container bottle. We highly recommend getting an Elite 0122902 Super Byasi container. Even though this is a water bottle, it should do fine as a tube carrier.

The dimensions of this water bottle are simply perfect for carrying folded tubular tires. You’ll not only be able to carry multiple tires, but you’ll also be able to keep them fresh and isolated from the environment. This will not only allow you to carry tubes, but it’ll allow you to carry other essentials as well.

Zip Case

Vittoria Zip CASE - Bottle CAGE Tool BagVittoria Zip CASE – Bottle CAGE Tool BagCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Last but not the least, we have zip cases. You’ll find lots of cases on the market, but we found the Vittoria Zip CASE. These cases are designed for carrying different tools and accessories, but we’ve found that they can carry tubular tires perfectly.

There are straps on the inner portions of the bag that will allow you to keep the tubes perfectly wrapped and compressed. The case itself isn’t heavy at all, and you won’t feel a difference with this installed on your bike. You can strap this easily on the junction of the lower tube and the lower seat tube. So, it will stay out of your way when you ride.

Overall, it’s one of the most convenient ways of carrying tubes. However, it won’t let you carry as many tubes as the container bottle.

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If you’re new to using tubular tires, then you should remember one thing. Never make the mistake of riding without having spare tires with you. You never know when these tires will get damaged, and it’s always recommended that you ride with one or more extra.

Through the aforementioned ways, you’ll be able to carry the tubes of your choice easily and conveniently.

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