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We love our bicycles. But let’s face it – they can be massive space hogs in apartments or smaller homes. Unless you own a folding bike, chances are, you are irritated at the amount of space storing your bike consumes. After all, stuffing your precious vehicle inside a shed or cramped garage isn’t the most ideal situation.

Whether it’s a new bicycle you’ve purchased to beat the traffic or get in some exercise while commuting or an old one you’ve relied on for years, storing your bike is much more than leaning it against a free wall (which probably has scuff marks by now). It’s time to look for a better solution: indoor bike storage ideas that are practical as well as stylish.

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8 Bike Storage Ideas for Home

Now, striking the balance can be tough given how many different concepts to consider. So, it’s worth taking some time to evaluate each option. And thanks to the market’s constant need to innovate, there are tons of storage options to pick from.

Vertical wall racks, horizontal wall racks, floor stands, pulley systems, ceiling racks, free standing columns, pedal shelves – you name it, there’s a good selection in the range.

To make your journey a bit easier, we have compiled a list of the best indoor bike storage ideas with multiple factors in mind, which we will be getting into the later section of this article.

Free-Standing Vertical Bike Wall Rack

Think of free-standing vertical bikes as a coat rack but for your bikes. This option is great when you can’t drill a hole into the wall, like in a rented apartment or house. The double decker is a true lifesaver if you own multiple bikes. While not as sleek as a ceiling-to-floor rack, freestanding vertical bike wall racks would be a better fit for homes without solid ceilings or people who have to move the bikes at a moment’s notice.

These racks are usually on the tall side, not so much on the wide side. You can find a variety of choices from ones that lean against a wall or one that stands by its own.

These are best for efficient use of space and allow you to store multiple bikes in comparison to the standard floor racks. Adults could get the bikes off the rack and put them back on but that story would be a bit different if there was kid involved.


  • Conserves space
  • Can store two bikes
  • Portable


  • May be flimsy
  • Isn’t the best decision if you’re storing only one bike

Our Favorite – Delta Cycle Michelangelo

Delta Cycle MichelangeloCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Out of all the products we tested within this range, the Michaelangelo was the easiest to assemble, requiring only a drill and a Philips screwdriver. You need one screw in total to attach it to the wall. The ladder-like frame is constructed of slender yet strong steel tubing, adding a minimalistic look.

The support arms yielding the Michelangelo up are movable. This is great as the stand can handle bicycle with simple sloping tubes as well as complicated full-suspension frames. Once assembled, adjusting the rack is also super simple. The pack comes with some extra hooks so you can hand your helmet somewhere else aside from the handlebars.

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Vertical Tension Pole Bike Rack

A vertical tension pole bike rack is the most common indoor bike storage idea if you’re looking for something non-permanent. It clamps between the ceiling and the floor and uses either a hinge or spring to lock in place. However, it can be easily removed if needed. Typically, these racks can accommodate two bikes. With the inclusion of aftermarket kits, the capacity can be raised to four.

Similar to the freestanding vertical bike rack, this can be used if you’re running low on space and need to secure your bikes.


  • Efficient storage of multiple bikes
  • Doesn’t need to be drilled into the wall
  • Can be moved
  • Good for small spaces like apartments and can be used indoors


  • The room needs to match the column’s height range
  • Generally, fits only bigger kids’ bikes (occasionally 20” and 24”)
  • Kids can find it difficult to lower and raise the bikes on their own

Favorite – Topeak Dual Touch Bike Storage Stand

Topeak Dual Touch Bike Storage Stand , L x W x H 44 x 34 x 214 cm (Open) / 17.3” 13.4” x 84.3”CHECK CURRENT PRICE

The Topeak Dual Touch Bike Storage Stand comes in a minimalistic, sleek design never steals the focus from your bike. Although quite simple, the concept is rather interesting: a black anodized aluminum pole held up by a pressure0set between the ceiling and floor (two contact points).

There’s mounting hardware and doesn’t cause harm to the walls. Furthermore, it features a 30-degrees adjustment on the holders so it can comfortably accommodate bikes with sloping tubes.

It fits larger 12” and larger and has a weight capacity of 39.7 lbs. per mount, which is fair.

Wall Mounted Vertical Bike Rack

Wall mounted vertical bike wall rack allows you to take the least amount of space on the walls whilst storing the most bikes. As you could guess, the bikes are huge up vertically, so you need to make sure there’s adequate floor-to-ceiling space so it accommodates the bike(s).

But there also needs to be enough room for the bikes to sit on top of the wall and stick off it. If the space in your garage is tight enough with two cars and you need to park both the cars inside, this indoor bike storage idea isn’t for you. It’s probably not the best for indoor use either, unless you’re okay with bumping into the bikes every other minute.

While kids usually can’t take their own bikes out from vertical storages, the style of storage is ideal for kid’s pedal bikes and balance bikes.


  • Most bikes can be stored while consuming least wall space
  • Many options available in design and colors
  • Fits almost all wheel sizes


  • Sticks off the wall
  • Kids won’t be able to hang or get the bikes down by themselves.

Our Favorite – Topeak Swing-Up Bike Holder

Topeak Swing-Up Bike Holder Black, 27.5 x 16 x 7.7 cm / 10.8” x 6.3” x 3”CHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you have to hang a bike weighing less than 35 lbs. on a wall plus swing it in both directions, the Topeak Swing-Up is a good choice. The aluminum and plastic blend body is compatible with wheel combinations with an overall height of 3.15” and width of maximum 2.35”.

We really like the elegant design on this which doesn’t look too gaudy or ask for attention. The molded rubber bar secures the front well while stopping the bike from twisting. You can fit in standard and mountain bikes up to 29” in wheel size.

In addition, the rotatable front wheel, wall mount attachment, fixed bar, and molded rear wheel pad add to the appeal of this product.

Wall Mounted Horizontal Bike Rack

Wall-mounted horizontal bike racks secure a bike straight against the wall, consuming significant wall space but not as much actual room space. Since it takes up its fair share of wall space, it’s best if two or more bikes are stored this way to maintain efficiency.

There are two kinds of horizontal bike storage – 1. A wall-mounting version that has to be set up on the wall itself, and 2. A freestanding horizontal rack that leans against the wall. This style is best for in-home storage, garages with minimal room space, and if you want to show your bike off. The horizontal setting is super popular in storing bikes inside.


  • Can fit in almost any room in the house – ideal for apartments
  • Usually easier to move than vertical storage
  • Good for “flaunting” bikes
  • Comes in wall-mounting and free-standing options
  • Variety of options; one can even fit balance bikes


  • Can’t store more than 2-3 bikes this way
  • Takes up a lot of wall space
  • Mostly only accommodates larger kids’ bikes (24” and maybe 20”)
  • Wider handlebars on bikes pose a challenge

Our Favorite – PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Wall Mount

PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Wall Mount - Horizontal Indoor Storage Rack for 1 Bicycle in Garage or Home - Cycling Hanger - Safe and Secure Holder, Hook for Bicycles - Hang Your Road, Mountain or Hybrid BikesCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The Pro Bike Tool Bike Mount is good if you want to hang up just one bike and want the storage to be high-quality and more of a luxury item. However, the wall mount isn’t suitable for bikes with wider handlebars than 31”, fat bikes, or long wheelbases.

The wall mount in itself is made from tough steel that gets a scratch-proof coating. To hold the bikes securely, the product features a safe bike arm locking mechanism. Thanks to the adjustable cradle arms, bicycle frames of most sizes and shapes can be accommodated. The hanger beams are adjustable as well.

Plus, the arm cradles feature a soft TPR rubber construction that won’t put scratches on your bike regardless of construction.

Hoisted Ceiling Mount Bike Hanger

Don’t have space to spare on your floor or wall? It’s time to look up and hang your bike up – on the ceiling. Two plates with drop-down hooks are attached to the ceiling. The hooks connect to the handlebar and saddle. The bike is then hoisted up by using thick ropes.

They’re commonly used in hardware stores to hoist up kayaks and ladders but work just as good with a bike. This is a good indoor bike storage idea for people who consider cycling a leisure sport more than a lifestyle. It isn’t the quickest system in the lot and the installation is a bit more complicated than mounting a bracket or fixed hook.


  • Utilizes the bare ceiling
  • Can store heavier bikes
  • Take about 2-3 minutes to raise or lower the bike
  • Provides additional protection from theft
  • You won’t bump into the bikes anymore
  • No need to manually lift the bikes; no ladder needed


  • Accessing it could be dangerous for children
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Mostly to store one bike
  • Inherent safety risk

Our Favorite – Wallmaster Bike Ceiling Mount Lift Hoist Hanger Storage Rack

Wallmaster Bike Ceiling Mount Lift Hoist Hanger Storage Rack for Garage IndoorCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Wallmaster’s sturdy construction allows the pulley system to lift some pretty heavy weight, ranging up to 100 lbs. bikes. Powered with a reinforced locking mechanism, the bikes are permanently safe from accidental releases. You can use this on a ceiling up to 12’ high. The rubber-coated hooks protect the bike from slips or scratches.

And in all honesty, the best part about this particular product of indoor bike storage ideas is the price. To get such an excellent system for this amount of money is truly impressive.

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Bike Storage Ceiling Rack

For cyclists or families with more than two bikes there aren’t better solutions that ceiling racks. You could get a model that allows storage of multiple bikes on the ceiling to make the best of your money.

If your garage is already crammed with cars or other things, this system will keep the bikes hanging over the cars. The four individual racks can smoothly glide across the mount, enabling you to tuck your bike against the wall or stick it out for easier access.

This system would be easy to use for all adults but is risky for small children.


  • Don’t take up any floor or wall space
  • Easy to lift, lower, and access
  • Some models can hold any wheel size – adult bikes to balance bikes


  • Kids can’t access the system by themselves
  • Installation on the ceiling is harder
  • Bike hoists are only suitable for adult and larger kids’ bikes

Our Favorite – Saris Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack

Saris Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack and Add-on KitCHECK CURRENT PRICE

After testing way too many indoor bike storage ideas and also a variety of products within that range, we have found the Saris Cycle Glide to be one of the best in the game.

It’s incredibly easy to use and features a clever design. With sliding hooks and sliding rails, the Cycle Glide can hold any size of bike. Simply slide the hooks along the rails and match with the bike’s wheelbase.

As the 4 bike rails can travel horizontally along the base, removing and accessing any one of the bikes is easier. The system also allows you to store or remove bikes while your car(s) is parked underneath. Don’t worry! It’s totally safe.

Screw-In Wall and Ceiling Hook

This method holds the bike by one wheel and is best when depth isn’t an issue but width is. Screw-in wall and ceiling hooks are the most effective indoor bike storage idea when you need to secure multiple bikes together. Bike shops usually use this method to store their bikes.

Standard cheap hooks can be found in hardware stores but there is a satisfactory selection of vertical hooks in the market – all available in a range of sizes that can accommodate the fattest of bikes.

The most basic variation comprises of a generic hook that clutches onto a masonry wall plug. Alternatively, it can be screwed right into the ceiling beam or a wooden wall post. These are cheaply and readily available in hardware stores. But if you want a more improved version, the specialty models offer better wheel size compatibility, like options for larger mountain bikes and fat bikes rubber.

You can use the hooks indoor but they would seem rather tacky so we aren’t sure if that would be anyone’s aesthetic.


  • Compatible with a wide range of wheel sizes
  • Accommodate multiple bikes together
  • Simplest way to hang bikes up
  • Affordable


  • Only one level of support keeping the bikes up
  • If the hook isn’t foldable, it can be a nuisance

Our Favorite – SMARTOLOGY 9 Pack Bike Storage Hook Rack

SMARTOLOGY 9 Pack Bike Storage Hook Rack, Heavy Duty Large Screw Hooks for Garage Wall and Ceiling Bicycle Storage, Utility Tool Hanger (Gray)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

In an alloy steel body and vinyl coating, the Smartology Bike Storage Hook packs a punch for its size. Every set comes with nine heavy-duty steel hooks in a thread design. The design also makes installation easier.

In addition to the top-notch galvanized steel, the non-slip soft matt coating doesn’t leave any marks on the bike. Every hook can take up to 70 lbs. weight.

Every purchase is backed up by the brand’s 12-month warranty plus a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Floor Bike Parking Rack

This is the indoor bike storage idea to consider if you an abundance of room to dedicate to bike storing. It’s best for organizing but takes up much space. While the point of the majority of the bike storage systems is to save floor space, floor bike parking rack needs a ton of it.

They are commonly used for bikes that need to be accessed the most and the easiest. Sometimes, they’re part of a larger system within the garage where some bikes are kept on the ground for everyday purpose while some are stored up.

Floor racks can be accessed by anyone and everyone – convenient for houses with children. A variety of wheel sizes will fit right in.


  • Easy to use, especially for kids
  • Bikes are always ready to ride
  • Holds multiple bicycles
  • Super portable so you can freely move it around if you’re renovating the garage or moving out
  • You can fit them in the trunk of your car when taking our bikes out


  • Consume significant garage floor space
  • Not all are disc brake compatible
  • Many can’t hold kids bikes below 20”

Our Favorite – Simple Houseware 5 Bike Storage Stand

Simple Houseware 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Adjustable Storage Stand, BronzeCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Doing justice to the brand’s name and delivering simplicity at its finest, the Simple Houseware storage stand offers convenient bike storage for an entire family. Or, if you have 5 bikes then this is for you too.

It fits wheels of dimensions 12” and larger. The price tag is definitely one of the highlights of this one. Young children don’t need their parents to lift their bikes on or off the wall or ceiling hooks.

The powder coated steel is weather resistant and just durable in general. No hardware needed and super easy to assemble – a garage staple if you’re looking for practical indoor bike storage ideas.

Indoor Bike Storage Buyer’s Guide

There aren’t any hard and fast rules describing how indoor bike racks should or shouldn’t look, so ideally, people look for something that complements their décor.

If you want indoor bike storage ideas to hang the bicycle on your living room wall, it’s best that you look into something elegant that doesn’t clash with the theme of your living space. However, if you want any other rack to hold the bikes in your garage, you wouldn’t need to sweat as much over the looks.

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There are a few criteria to consider before committing to any of the eight indoor bike storage ideas suggested above:

Number of Bikes

Not all indoor bike storage ideas can hold multiple bikes. For instance, while the floor storage is best to accommodate many bikes, the hoisted ceiling mount bike hanger usually holds just one. It makes no sense to get a bigger or smaller solution than the one you really need, so consider how many bikes you need to store.

Style of the Bike Rack

A good indoor bike rack not only saves space but it also great for preventing mishaps that could happen when a bike is left leaning against an indoor wall. It protects your bikes from dents and scratches, delivering peace of mind that your beloved vehicle is away from harm.

Before just getting the first indoor bike storage you come across, assess your space to decide which is going to fit and where. As mentioned above, there are quite a few designs to choose from. The available space, your present physical condition, and the other members (if any) residing in the household play an important role in determining which type of storage would be the best fit.

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Ease of Installation

Like with any similar product, the price of an indoor bike storage unit depends on what material it is made of, how elaborate the design is, and also how durable it is. Your pick might be easy or hard to assemble.

In fact, it can be simple as screwing one frame to a wall to drowning in what seems to be way too many star washes, screws, and slide nuts to go anywhere!

Thankfully, you will find an instruction manual with your new kit. Try to get something that doesn’t drain you during the installation process.

Ease of Use

Many times some great indoor bike storage ideas won’t work out for you. Your needs are definitely different from your friends who might be doing just fine with that choice.

Ease of use becomes a large factor if there are kids using the storage. For instance, if the bike is mounted high up on the wall since it’s a vertical wall rack, the child wouldn’t be able to get it down. Think about what would qualify as an inconvenience to you and decided based on that.

Security (Theft Prevention)

Did you know that more than 50% of stolen bikes are snatched right from under the owner’s nose – from their own home! Now, the term “home” does include places like the garage, gardens, yards, and sheds and not just the indoors of the house or apartment.

Generally speaking, there are about 5 places where we store our bikes indoors:

  1. Inside the owner’s flat or house
  2. In the communal space of said house or flat
  3. Inside a shed
  4. Inside the garage
  5. Outdoors in the back or front garden

Of course there are some generally good places to store your bikes, but even without that, some indoor bike storage system features reinforced security systems to make sure the thief can’t just crack the lock in 2 seconds. This security is usually weaker with manual system or hooks or clamps.

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Security (Damaging Your Property, Cars, Injuring Yourself)

High-quality bike storages feature nylon or rubber protection to ensure the bike doesn’t sustain damages. It is important to keep this in mind and view each bike storage according to where you wish to place it and how easy would taking the bike on and off be. The higher the rack, the higher chances of your bike getting damaged.

Additionally, if you’re sharing the storage with others, carefully consider if it can pose physical harms for others when they try to retrieve or place their bike.

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There are indoor bike storage ideas made to cater to the needs of everyone – from amateur riders to professional cyclists. When choosing one, it’s essential to establish a balance between practicality and security. The perfect solution depends on a handful of factors that you should keep in mind when shopping.

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