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How to Hang Bike in Apartment?

Rented an apartment and now you don’t have enough space to store your bike? A lot of us have been there, and it’s a tight position to be in. To help you with that situation, we’ll share a few ways in which you can wiggle out of there.

No matter how you do it, the end game is to hang your bike. You can do it on the wall, on the ceiling, or on a bike rack. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can do these. You’ll learn the methods, and what you’ll require for doing these, and you’ll also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

So, let’s get right to it!

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How To Hang Bike On Wall In Apartment

The first thing you could try is hanging the bike on the wall of your apartment. Now, depending on the type of wall, you may have to change the method to some extent. However, most apartments come with plaster or drywall. Fortunately, there isn’t much difference between the process of installing a bike rack on these two types. So, we’ll share a procedure that’ll help you cover both!

Whether it’s plaster or drywall, you’ll need to look for the studs in the wall first. The studs also referred to as joists by some, are repetitive frames inside the wall that help support the infrastructure. You technically could screw the rack in just about anywhere, but that wouldn’t be sustainable in the long run and the wall will eventually crumble, with the bike.

This is why it’s important to find the studs first. You can do so with a magnetic or electronic stud finder. This is one of the steps where you’ll need to use different procedures for drywall and plaster wall. You can find studs in drywall easily using electronic stud finders. However, you’ll need to use magnetic stud finders on plastered walls electronic ones don’t work well with these.

Once you find the studs, you’ll need to drill a hole in them. The hole must be sufficient to hold the fastener, but it shouldn’t be too large. If it’s way too large, it’ll fail to hold the fastener and the rack in place.

There are different kinds of fasteners to choose from. You can get E-Z fasteners, expanding sleeves made of plastic, or screw-in fasteners.

The expanding sleeve fasteners are a no-go. These can hold only up to 15 pounds, and they become loose over time. They mainly spread into the wall once a screw or bolt is threaded into them.

Then there are the screw-in fasteners. These are much better than the previous type, and they can hold up to 25 pounds of stuff. However, even these may not be sufficient for hanging bikes.

So, we recommend getting E-Z fasteners. These fasteners can hold up to a hundred pounds depending on the quality you get. These usually use flanges that go deep into the wall and can hold onto it very well. Even if you get the worst quality of E-Z fasteners, you’ll be able to hang at least 30 pounds of weight capacity from them. So, we recommend getting one of these.

Install the fastener into the hole you just drilled. Now, it’s time to install the rack. You can get different kinds of racks. This is where we split off into two types again. You can choose different kinds of hangers or hooks depending on the orientation you’re planning on. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

Horizontal Orientation

In this orientation, the bike remains parallel to the floor and the ceiling. You can also place it at a slight angle for adding a bit of visual appeal to it. Regardless, you’ll get to choose from two types of tools. You can either get a bike rack or a hook.

If you’re going with the rack, you can get a Bike rack at Stalwart Store. These racks come with rubberized hangers, and they’ll hold your bike stably through the tubes without scraping them or scuffing the paint.

Once you have the hanger, install it following the procedure we just discussed. Mount your bike on these by its top tubes, and you’ll be set!

If you’re using a rack only, you should keep the bike completely parallel to the ground, or it might slip. If you need to angle it, you should use one or two hooks at the tires to hold it firm.

On the other hand, you can use hooks to mount the bike. You can consider getting one of these Shepherd Hardware 8088E. These hooks come in a pack, and it’s rather easy to install them. They need to be screwed in place with two screws or bolts, so they’re much more stable than hooks with a screw bottom.

If you’re considering using these, you’ll need to measure the bike first. Measure your bike to find how much apart the top tube is with the two wheels. Now, draw markers on the wall mimicking that so it aligns with the bike. Now, drill three holes, and then install the hooks in these. Make sure to use fasteners to keep the hooks stable.

Now, hoist your bike and mount the top tube on the middle hook. Afterward, mount the wheels on the remaining wheels. The advantage of using hooks is that these ensure better weight distribution than racks. However, these can get irritating over time as you need to hook the bike thrice every time you mount it.

Vertical Orientation

Now that you know how to mount the bike horizontally on your apartment wall, let’s take a look at how you can do it vertically. This is a bit easier than the previous orientation because it doesn’t require you to install multiple hooks. Also, hooks are much cheaper and easier to acquire than racks. So, this is definitely an easier method.

In this process, you need to install one hook on the wall. Unlike the horizontal orientation where the hook has to be at least five feet from the floor, you need to place it much higher in the vertical orientation. This is because the bike will hang from the front wheel, so it requires a lot of clearance below.

Once the hook is installed following the process we’ve mentioned, you need to hook the front wheel of your bike and let it rest from the wall. The wheel will gently touch the wall for support, so you may use transparent contact paper to protect the wall. Otherwise, the wheels may scratch and muddy the wall.

The advantage of vertical mounting is that it lets you save some wall space. So, you’ll be able to place other stuff around the bike. For example, if the bike is in the middle of the room, you can place cabinets surrounding it. It leaves some hydraulic brakes spongy due to air bubbles coagulating at the top of the brake system. However, you can fix it by bleeding the air out.


  • Hanging the bike on the wall requires an easy installation process
  • You can do this for minimum expenses
  • The procedure is rather simple


  • Eats up some of the wall space

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A rack or hooks
  • Screws
  • Drill with the appropriate bit
  • Fasteners

How To Hang Bike In Apartment From Ceiling

If you’d like to save some of the wall space, then you may try hanging the bike from the ceiling of your apartment. Note that this is possible only if there’s sufficient clearance between the floor and the ceiling. If the ceiling is too low, you’ll face a ton of challenges in locomotion.

The installation process for this is similar to installing hooks on walls. You’ll need to find the studs or joists on the ceiling. Once you’ve found them, install a sufficient number of fasteners. We recommend E-Z fasteners as these offer higher weight capacity. You can consider these E-Z LOK fastener kits as they offer variations depending on the construction metal and the type of wall.

Now, you have to install the hanging system after you’re done inserting the fasteners. You can use either a hook or a pulley system in this case. A hook will allow you to mount the bike vertically, while a pulley system will help you install it both vertically and horizontally.

Vertical Orientation

To install the hook, you just have to screw one in. We recommend hooks by Rubbermaid as these come with a rubberized hook. This will keep the hook from scraping the rim of your bike’s wheel. If you were to mount multiple bikes from your ceiling, you could use a bike hook rack. Consider using one of these racks by Saris Store. These come with a total of eight hooks, allowing you to mount up to four bikes with a single rack.

You can also use pulleys for vertically hanging your bike on the ceiling. You’ll need to install only one pulley for this. After installation, just attach the hook of your pulley to the handlebars and hoist it up. However, you’ll need an extra pair of hands when you get the bike down as someone has to make the bike parallel to the ground while it’s being lowered.

Horizontal Orientation

On the other hand, you can use pulleys. These bike hoists from Delta Cycle do an amazing job at that. You need to install two pulleys on the ceiling first. Before doing so, measure the distance between the handlebars and the seat of your bike.

The pulleys should completely align with these two components as these are where you’ll attach the hooks. Once you lift the bike with the pulley, you’ll need the wires to be completely parallel for an even weight distribution, which in turn will ensure maximum stability.

After installing the pulleys on the ceiling, you need to install an anchor on the nearby wall. This is where you’ll tie the cord of the pulley to prevent the bike from falling. It’s important for the anchor to be capable of holding the bike’s weight. Unless you want to screw the anchor in, you can use construction-grade glue for doing so.


  • Hanging the bike on the ceiling can save some floor as well as some wall space


  • You may require an extra pair of hands for lowering a bike from a pulley
  • Hoisting bikes up to mount them on a hook can prove difficult for some

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A hook or a hook rack or a pulley
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Wall fasteners

How To Hang Bike In Apartment Without Drilling

Hanging a bike on an apartment wall or ceiling may not be the right method for all. A lot of people are restricted to drill their apartment walls and ceiling by their landowners. Then again, there are a few who don’t like drilling their apartment walls as it definitely ruins the overall look of the wall.

So, what can you do in such instances where drilling is completely out of the question?

Firstly, you can try using two planks of wood board and construction-grade glue. In this method, you use two pieces of wood or hardboard. Join one piece atop another vertically. Now, use the bottom one as a base and attach it to the wall using construction-grade glue. You can use heavy-duty Gorilla glue for this purpose.

Once installed, let the wooden stand rest for a bit for the glue to dry up and bind the stand to the wall properly. After a few hours, check the stand’s integrity by applying a bit of pressure to it. If it’s stable, you can start using it as a rack for hanging your bike! Just use the stand as you would use a handlebar rack to mount your bike. Place the bike’s top tubes horizontally across the stand, and you’re good to go!

This isn’t the only method at your disposal! You can always use tension bike racks. These are unique bike racks that don’t require any sort of drilling method. In fact, their installation process is super easy. Moreover, they don’t leave any sort of trace of their existence. This is why a lot of apartment owners are opting for such racks.

These essentially stand with an adjustable height. You place one vertically on the floor of your apartment. Then, you extend the rack so it reaches up to the ceiling. The rack has to apply some pressure against the roof. This pressure against the roof and the floor creates tension, and this tension helps keep the rack standing even when some weight is put on it.

You can consider the Topeak bike storage stand for this case. This stand comes with two bike stands, so you’ll be able to mount two bikes with only one of these. The construction of this rack is top-notch, and the hooks are constructed to keep your bike fresh and without any scratch. Also, the hooks can be adjusted by 30 degrees for accommodating different kinds of tubes.

So, overall, it’s a great option for those who want to hang a bike in an apartment without having to drill any holes in the wall or the ceiling.

Tools And Accessories Required

For the first method,

  • Wooden boards
  • Construction grade glue

For the second method,

  • Just a tension rack

How To Hang A Bike In A Small Apartment

If you have an extremely small apartment and can’t even follow the methods we’ve discussed thus far, then you should definitely go through this section, as we’ll discuss unique solutions in it.

Try to make some space between two pieces of furniture that are placed against a wall. You need to make enough space to wiggle the handlebars of the bike in. If such type of place can be managed, you can hang the bike vertically on the wall. So, the bike will remain between the furniture without taking up much space, also it’ll be a good way to utilize that space.

If you don’t have much vertical space on the wall, you may look for some horizontal space. Try to find out a patch of space over a short cabinet or a shoe rack. You could hang the bike horizontally in such wall spaces easily.

How To Hang A Bike On A Door

Last but not the least, you can consider hanging your bike on a door, and there’s only one way of doing it. That’s right, you can opt only for vertical orientation in this method.

However, we don’t recommend using only a hook like you would’ve done in other cases. This is because you’re likely to move the door around a lot even with the bike hung on it. If the bike is mounted on only one hook, it won’t be stable enough to withstand the motion. Although it’s highly unlikely, the bike may fall.

So, in this case, you should use a hook along with a Gearup-1 vertical mount. These wall mounts, once installed, offer a resting place for your bike’s front or rear wheel, whichever isn’t attached to the hook. Note that you could also use these on the wall for keeping the bike more stable, although that wouldn’t be mandatory.

As for the hook, you can use the Schwinn Bike Hook. It’s a high-quality vertical bike hook that’s designed especially for hanging your bike vertically. It’ll keep your bike more stable than any other hook on the market, as it offers a resting place for your bike’s wheel other than just the hook. Also, it can hold up to fifty pounds of weight, so it should be sufficient to hang your bike on the door.

For this method to work, you must install the two mentioned components on your door first. We’d recommend installing the mounts on a door that isn’t as commonly used. A lot of people would recommend installing these on the front door, but we’d recommend otherwise. We’ll get to that in a bit.

To install these, measure the length of your bike first. Then, plot out two ends on the door and make sure those are completely parallel to one another. Then, install them with screws, and you’re ready to use them!

This method can help you save a lot of space, but it has a major disadvantage. That is, it opens up a lot of chances for damaging your bike. This is because the door won’t be stationary like a wall or a ceiling. Also, most doors close all the way.

So, when you open or close the door constantly with the bike hung on, it’ll rock the bike constantly. Over time, it can loosen the mounting hardware up, which is why it’s important to use quality hardware like the ones mentioned.

Also, you’ll need to use some sort of blockade to ensure the door doesn’t close all the way. Otherwise, you’ll damage the bike by pushing it against the wall.

If you can maintain these two things, you’ll be good to go!


  • Helps you save a lot of floor space as the space in front of the door is often unused


  • May damage the bike if precautions aren’t taken

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A bike hooks
  • A vertical mount for a bike wheel
  • Screws
  • Drill


Now that you know how to hang a bike in an apartment, it’s time for you to choose the right method for yourself. Among all the methods discussed, we would pick the method where you hang the bike on a tension bike rack.

This is because these bike racks don’t leave any trace on the ceiling, floor, or wall whatsoever, and they also require no installation. Yes, the racks can be a bit more expensive, but they’re completely worth the investment as they reduce a ton of hassle.

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