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How to Hang Your Bike from The Ceiling?

Bikes usually don’t take much storage space, but even then, you may find yourself out of space for storing your bike. Hanging your bike from the ceiling might be a good idea in these cases. However, this is easier said than done, and we’ve found a lot of bikers struggling with this.

To make things easier for you, we’ll share some easy tips with you. We’ll discuss whether it’s okay to hang a bike from the ceiling or not, and how to hang the bike in different methods and with different accessories Once you go through these, you’ll learn how to hang your bike from the ceiling properly. We’ll share multiple alternatives so everyone may find one or more suitable methods.

So, let’s get started!

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Is It Ok To Hang The Bike From the Ceiling?

Yes, hanging the bike from the ceiling won’t be a problem! As long as you use the proper accessories and methods for hanging the bike properly, chances are high that you won’t face any problems.

However, there are certain conditions that may lead to danger. For starters, if the installation of the hooks isn’t proper, it may be unable to hold on to the ceiling. Another situation where the mounting may not work out is when the bike is mounted in an upright position with the tire. If the tire goes flat, the cycle may fall down.

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How To Hang A Bike From The Ceiling Horizontally

There are two major ways of hanging your bike from a ceiling horizontally. Let’s take a look at them!

Use a Storage Hook

This is the cheapest manner in which you can hang your bike on the ceiling. Just get a pair of ceiling hooks. Install the hooks on the ceiling and hook each tire to one of the hooks. This will keep your bike stably hung and it’ll also help you save some space.

You can also get yourself a bike hook rack like the Saris Bike Storage if you’re looking forward to hanging multiple bicycles on the roof. This bike rack comes with four pairs of hooks installed parallelly, allowing you to hang up to four bikes on the roof. While there are a ton of products like this on the market, we recommend this for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s capable of holding four bikes where each bike can be up to 50 pounds heavy. There’s sufficient extra room around the hooks for you to mount or dismount a bike on the hooks. However, there’s a minor design flaw in this rack.

It comes with wheel hooks. These hooks rotate against their axis in order to fit the wheels irrespective of their size or angle. While this is a good feature, it’s also very annoying that they can rotate away with a single bump during installation. During such cases, you’ll have to put the bike down, readjust them, and try to mount the bike again.

Other than that, it’s a solid choice for anyone with multiple bikes to mount horizontally on the ceiling.

Use a Pulley

To hang bikes from the ceiling horizontally, you’ll need to use a pulley. Pulleys are one of the most adaptive solutions as they can help you mount your bike vertically and horizontally. To hang your bike horizontally with a pulley, you need to install the pulley first. In the later chapters, we’ll discuss how you can do that properly.

Once the pulley is installed, you’ll have to attach the hooks to the handlebars and the seat of your bike. So, you’ll need to take the measurement of the distance between them and install the pully accordingly. They must be parallel or the bike won’t be stable after it’s hung.

Also, get a pulley with a rubberized hook like the Bike Lane Bicycle Storage Lift. Otherwise, the hooks may damage your bike’s tube. Other than that, this pulley offers two hooks on each side instead of one. This helps distribute the overall weight of the bike much better. It also comes with a safety lock mechanism that can keep your bike safe.

Also, when you lower the pulley, make sure to guide the bike in an upright position or you’ll end up dragging it against the floor.

How To Hang A Bike Vertically From The Ceiling

Installing your bike vertically against the ceiling can be extremely cheap, but it may not be suitable for everyone. You’ll need sufficient height clearance to do so. If that’s not an issue for you, then follow us to learn how you can mount it vertically.

Use Hooks

We’ve already taken a look at how you can install a hook for mounting the bike vertically. For mounting the bike vertically, you won’t have to install two hooks, but one. After installing the hook, you can hang the bike easily by attaching one of the hooks to the rear wheel of the bike.

You can hang the bike either by the rear or the front wheel. We recommend hooking the rear wheel up as it helps keep your handlebars stable. For this method, you’ll require hooks, drill bits, and screws.

Use a Pulley

As discussed previously, pulleys can be magical while installing bikes on ceilings. However, note that you can’t mount a bike both horizontally and vertically with the same pulley because while one of them requires two pulleys, the other needs one.

When installing the pulley for vertical mounting, you’ll have to attach the hook on one of the wheels, preferably the rear wheel. So, you’ll need to install only one pulley instead of two.

Once the hooks are attached to the bike tires, you’ll have to pull on the cord to lift the cycle. This is an easier method for those who find it troubling to lift the bikes or to access the hooks on the ceiling every time they need to mount the bike.

Difference between Hanging Your Bike Vertically and Horizontally

Hanging your bike vertically and horizontally is completely different, and it will have different effects on your bike as well as the space you’re hanging them on. While the differences and the effects may be subtle, they will become noticeable over time, and depending on the bike as well as the space around them, they may just affect you. So, here are the factors that you need to be aware of.

Space Management

Mounting your bikes horizontally and vertically are be very different. The first difference is, mounting the bikes horizontally will take up a lot more space than vertical mounting. As the cycles will be laid across the roof, they’ll take up much more space, and you’ll need a lot of clearance for each bike.

So, if you’re planning on installing multiple roof hangers for multiple bikes, you’ll need to plan accordingly. You have to factor in the dimensions of the bikes as well as the space. Also, you may be left with some unusable areas afterward.

Another major issue bikers face with horizontal mounting is that these are relatively tougher to hang. You will have to reach higher as you’ll need to hold the bike flat against the surface. So, some bikers may even require a tool or a ladder for getting access so close to the ceiling.

Ceiling Height Clearance

Despite the obvious drawbacks of horizontal mounting, it can’t be ruled out as a bad option. The vertical mounting has some drawbacks as well, as the first one is ceiling height clearance. If the roof isn’t high enough, you may not get sufficient space for hanging the bikes vertically, as it will prevent you from putting anything below the bikes.

In fact, if the ceiling is too low, it may even create an obstruction in the room. So, it’s important to make sure that the ceiling is high enough before mounting the bikes vertically. If the ceiling doesn’t fit the bill, installing the bike in a horizontal mount will be more appropriate.

Spongy Hydraulic Brake

If your bike has a hydraulic brake, then this factor is for you. Yes, it’s okay to mount your bike vertically as it doesn’t leave any permanent effect. However, there’s one temporary side-effect that every biker needs to be aware of.

Once you mount your bike vertically, the air bubbles in your bike may gather in the uppermost area. This will make the brake spongy, and you’ll need to bleed the air out of the system. This isn’t noticeable after a few minutes of riding as the brake bleeds out anyways. Still, you’ll realize it initially after taking the bike out, and this may annoy some.

Then again, this isn’t a problem that you’re bound to face. Even if you have a bike with hydraulic brakes, you may not face it. This is because only defective hydraulic brakes tend to have air bubbles in them. If your hydraulic brake shows such sponginess after vertical mounting, you should get it serviced. After a good service, you shouldn’t face the same problem again.


There’s no problem with either horizontal or vertical mounting. Both are great as long as they suit someone personally. So, before you get the hooks and drills ready, be sure to simulate the mounting positions so you can determine what works better for you.

Hang Bike From Ceiling With Hooks

Hanging your bike with hooks can make things really easier. However, it’s not all perfect. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Hooks

Let’s start with the advantages. Firstly, hooks are extremely cheap. If you have major budget constraints, you can opt for hooks that are as cheap as $4. Although we don’t recommend using cheap hooks as that may put your bike at risk of damage, you will have that option.

Secondly, hooks are relatively easier to install. You just have to position the hook, screw it in tight, and it’s ready to use!

Despite these advantages, hooks can be disadvantageous in certain ways. You have to lift the bike up to the ceiling every time you hook it up. It can be difficult for many, especially after a long ride. Moreover, it’s important to install the hook in the right position. If you fail to figure out the sweet spot on the ceiling, the hook breaks out of the ceiling. It’ll not only damage your ceiling but your bike as well.

However, if you can make your way around these cons, then using hooks is one of the best methods for hanging your bike.

Installing a Hook on Your Ceiling

All you need to install hooks on your ceiling are two hooks (for one bike), screws, and an appropriate drill bit. We recommend using rubber hooks like the Proslat 13028. Rubber hooks will hold your bike in position without scratching them up. Also, the Proslat hooks come with a ProLock feature for keeping your bikes stable.

After choosing the hooks, try to find joists in your ceiling. These are places where the strength of the ceiling is the strongest, and you would want to install the hooks here to prevent the ceiling from falling apart. The beams are where the strength of the ceiling is the strongest, so they’ll hold the ceiling up properly. Once you find the right location, mark it with something so you can find it easily later on.

Now, choose a drill that’s appropriate for use with the hooks you chose. If the drill bit is wider in diameter than the hook, then the hook will come off very easily. After drilling the ceiling, twist the hook into it.

You’ll also find different hooks that come with a bracket. Unlike the hooks mentioned, you’ll need to screw in the brackets in those cases.

This is how you install a hook on your ceiling for hanging your cycle.

Hang Bike From Ceiling With One Hook

To hang your bike from the ceiling with one hook, simply attach the bike’s rear wheel to the hook. This will keep the bike in a vertical position, hanging from the hook. It takes up more space below it, but it’s a great method for hanging the bike in a narrow space.

Hang Bike From Ceiling With Pulley

Hanging your bike from the ceiling can be a better alternative for some, although it’s a bit more expensive. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this method, and then we’ll go into the installation process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Pulley

The major advantage of using a pulley is that it lets you hang the bike on the ceiling without having to lift it with your hands. Lifting the bike with your hands can be tough, and the pulley makes things a lot easier. Also, it has an excellent weight distribution system, so it’s a bit more stable than the hooks.

However, using a pulley also means that there are chances of slippage. You can make the pulley slip if you fail to tie the cord properly to a wall hook. The system might also fail. Although it’s highly unlikely, especially if you buy a good pulley, you can’t rule out the chances completely.

Also, pulleys can be much more expensive than hooks. So, unless the mentioned advantage matters to you, you should opt for hooks, or take a look at the methods we’re about to discuss.

Installing a Pulley

Pulley kits can be found online or in local hardware stores. We’ve already discussed one product in the previous sections, you can also consider this hoist from RAD Sportz. Although this pulley is for kayaks, you can also hoist bikes on it and also use it as a storage system for large objects. We highly recommend this because it’s capable of hoisting up to 120 pounds of stuff, so it’s definitely quite capable of holding bikes for a long time.

Just like installing hooks, you’ll need to find the joists on your ceiling. After finding them, use a drill bit to screw the pulley brackets in. Make sure you measure the bicycle properly from the seat to the handlebars. Maintain the same distance between the two pulleys, and you’ll be able to keep the cords parallel to each other.

After installing the brackets, you need to loop the cord through the pulleys. Once that’s done, install a hook onto the side wall. This hook will serve as the anchor for tying the cord once the bike will be lifted. This hook has to stick strongly to the wall, or it may come off due to the weight of the bike. You’re recommended to screw it in, but you can also use adhesive hooks if they’re strong enough.

How To Hang A Bike From Ceiling Without Drilling

Want to avoid the hassle of drilling holes or simply want to keep your ceilings intact? Here’s a method that doesn’t require you to drill any hole in the ceiling.

Hanging Your Bike on the Ceiling without Drilling

The product that you’ll need is the RAD cycle stand. It’s a completely adjustable stand made of aluminum, and it can be placed on your room’s floor. It’s long enough to extend up to the roof, and you can adjust its height. The stand comes with support on both ends, so you’ll be able to adjust it so much that it hugs both the ceiling and the roof, thus using them to maintain balance.

The two ends of this stand come with a protective covering, so it won’t damage the roof or the floor. Also, you won’t need to drill any holes in either the ceiling or the floor. The rack can hold up to two bikes.

How To Hang A Bike From Rafters

Did you know that you can hang your bikes with a very affordable DIY method? Let’s take a look at it!

How to Hang Bikes from Rafters

This method is very straightforward and should be easier to understand if you went through the section on how to use hooks already.

In this method, you install the hooks on the side of the beams on the rafters. So, you can’t use the hooks that we’ve discussed already. You’ll need 90-degree hooks like the Shepherd Hardware 8088E. These are long, robust, and perfect for hanging your bike on rafters.

Other than that, you’ll need screws and a drill for attaching the hook to the ceiling.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There’s basically no disadvantage to this method, other than the fact that it’s not for everyone. Yes, you technically can set this up, but you need to do it right. Otherwise, you may return the next day only to see a broken bike on the floor.

As for the advantage, it’s almost free! Also, it lets you use a ceiling in a very creative way. Unlike regular ceilings, rafters have crevices on them. If they’re deep enough, you can hang the cycle by hooking it through the chain stays, and not the rear wheel. This will lift the bike much higher and will free up a lot of space downwards.

As you can see, using rafters for hanging bikes can be very advantageous. However, you need to be careful if you’re new to these DIY crafts. Make sure you pick the proper joists for installing the hook. Also, pick an appropriate drill bit for the screws, or you just might make them loose.

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Now that you know how to hang your bike from the ceiling, we’re curious about which one you want to choose. As you can see, all of the methods mentioned in this article have their own advantages. So, at the end of the day, it boils down to what you need and what you can overlook.

So, before you choose, we’d recommend skimming through the article once again. Cross-match your requirements with what the methods provide individually, and pick the one that meets your requirements the best!


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