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How To Hang A Bike With Hydraulic Brakes?

Bikes are fun. Riding them is fun. Not only does riding a bike make you feel like you are out in the open, with fresh air riding beside you, it feels exhilarating. The best part about riding a bike, though, is the fact that when it hits the brakes, it comes to a smooth stop. This makes the braking system of a bike not only a necessity but of great importance.

Bikes have different types of braking systems, and because of the nature of these brakes, storing them has to be very particular. Let’s take a look at the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of bikes with hydraulic brakes and how to store them conveniently.

What Is A Hydraulic Brake?

Just as there are different types of bikes, these bikes come with different brake systems. A brake has to be the most important part of any vehicle, including bikes. Bikes come with two different kinds of braking systems – mechanical braking systems and hydraulic braking systems.

A mechanical braking system is one where the force of cables is used, while a hydraulic braking system is one where fluids are used. Hydraulic braking systems are usually more expensive than mechanical braking systems.

Storing comes in many ways. But a very convenient way that does not only save space but also gives the storage a classy look is the hanging method. Hanging a bike may be a very easy task, but hanging a bike with hydraulic brakes is tricky.

What To Keep In Mind When Hanging Bike With Hydraulic Brakes?

The one thing to keep in mind when hanging not just a bike with hydraulic brakes but any bike is space. Where and how you want to hang your bike are the most important concerns.

The second thing, especially for bikes with hydraulic brakes, is that you need to check up on its air system. When a bike with hydraulic brakes is hung, especially upside down, usually excessive air that is available in the brakes might bleed. So, when a bike is hanging, and the air travels up, and to the master cylinder, it will harm the brakes. To not cause this issue, pumping a brake before riding is recommended by avid riders.

Is It Okay To Hang A Bike With Hydraulic Brakes?

Yes, it is definitely very okay to hang a bike with hydraulic brakes. As mentioned earlier, hanging a bike with a hydraulic brake upside down is not a very good choice because then air bubbles will travel up the master cylinder and calipers, and this will not only make the brakes squishy but also will forbid the brakes from working properly. If you want to give your brakes a good and healthy life, hanging a bike with hydraulic brakes upside down is a no-no.

Can You Hang A Bike With Hydraulic Brakes Vertically?

It is okay to hang a bike with hydraulic brakes in a vertical position. You just have to make sure it is hung by the front wheel and not the rear. Sometimes even this position can cause squishy brakes. However, there is a solution to this. In this case, you just have to pump the brake lever to remove the bubbles of air from its system by bleeding it, and it will be good to go.

How To Hang A Bike With Hydraulic Brakes?

There are two of the best ways to hang a bike– one is by a rack, and one is by hooks. For hydraulic bikes, though, the only thing to make sure of would be that you are not hanging it upside down or by its rear wheel.

Hanging a bike by the rack

Hanging a bike by the rack is the go-to method. You will, however, need to decide if you want to hang your bike using a  horizontal rack or a vertical rack. A horizontal bike rack will make the bike lie flat against the wall, whereas a vertical rack is best for places with small widths.

There are different types of bike racks, ones that are branded and ones that are not. Two of the best kinds are Steadyrack and Cycloc.

Bike racks can be found in hardware stores or can even be purchased online. With Steadyrack and Cycloc, you can just buy them off of their website.

Tools And Accessories Required

These tools are essential for every bike rack installation. You will need the main rack, side guards, a fender, adjustable arms, lock nuts and washers, Allen head screws, rubber spacers that are of two kinds, large and long, and different sizes of Allen wrenches when assembling your rack. With Steadyrack and Cycloc, they will give you the necessary tools and accessories to install them on their own.

These Youtube videos might be of help:

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Endo by Cycloc

STEADYRACK REVIEW AND INSTALL – The BEST Vertical Vertical Bike Storage for your Garage?

Hanging With Hooks

The method of hanging using a hook can be used to hang a bike with hydraulic brakes as well as any other bike. Bike hooks are the easiest method ever, and very minimum effort needs to go into installing them.

The Tools And Accessories You Will Need

Installing bike hooks might just be the easiest thing ever. All you will need are the hooks and a drilling machine to drill holes for where the hooks will go. Just be sure to avoid any electric lines or plumbing lines. Both the hooks and a drilling machine can be found in any hardware store. They can also be purchased online.

This Youtube video on installing a hook might be of help:

Installing Bike Hooks for Vertical Storage

How You Should Not Hang Bike With Hydraulic Brakes?

Bikes with hydraulic brakes should not be hung upside down or by their rear wheel. This is mainly because air bubbles will travel up and reach the main cylinder, which will cause bad health for the brakes and make them squishy, making them not function properly, thus unreliable.


Hanging bikes with hydraulic brakes might seem a bit tricky, but as long as you’re maintaining your brake’s health by bleeding the air bubbles out by pumping them, you should not worry at all. Just remember to never hang your bike with hydraulic brakes upside down or by the rear wheel, and it will be as fit as ever.

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