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How to Hang Bike on Wall?

Bikes can be tough to store for those with a relatively small garage or who don’t have one. Bikes can take up a ton of space if kept in a regular upright position. A cool workaround for this is hanging your bike on the wall. But how do you do it?

Although this isn’t complicated, beginners may struggle as there are many ways to do it. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can do it in various methods on different kinds of walls, share the tools and accessories you’ll need to do so, and end with the way we’d pick.

So, let’s get right to it!

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How To Hang Bike On Wall Vertically

Mounting your bike vertically on the wall opens the space up for stuffing more things in the space. Using a hook is the most tried and tested way of hanging your bike vertically on the wall.

Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Organization System, Vertical Bike Hook, Bike Storage, Holds up to 50 Pounds, Wall Mount and Heavy Duty Garage Hanger

To do so, you’ll need a hook such as the FastTrack Garage Organization System Vertical Bike Hook from Rubbermaid. It’s a high-quality vertical hook for bikes and easy to install.

To install this, you must first find the right spot in the wall. The entire wall may not be solid if it is good for you, as you can install the hook anywhere. If not, you need to knock on different places on the wall to figure out which area isn’t hollow.

Once you find the right spot, mark it with some chalk. Now, drill it using a drill bit. While choosing a drill bit, make sure it matches the size of the screw you’ll be using, as the hook will come off if the drilled hole is larger than the screw.

Park Tool Tool Wood Thread Hook, Oversize

After drilling the hole, screw the hook in. You can use the drill with a star bit to screw it in faster. There’s another type of hook that serves as a screw itself. If you want these, you can get this screw-in hook from Park Tool Store. These are usually cheaper but have a lower capacity compared to the one we mentioned previously.

Once the hook is installed, you can hang the bike by its front wheel on the hook. We don’t recommend hanging it by the rear wheel as the handlebar may dangle uncontrollably.

If you’re looking forward to hanging multiple bikes, you can also use a hook rack. Hook racks are essentially multiple hooks joined together with adequate spacing between them. Hook racks are somewhat better than getting individual hooks because they’re sturdier. Also, they facilitate better space management.

Monkey Bars Wall Bike Rack 2.0 - Stores 3 Bikes - Heavy Duty Bike Wall Mount

You can consider this 3 bike wall rack from Monkey Bars if you plan to hang multiple bikes simultaneously.


  • Hanging your bike this way can free up space for storing or placing other stuff.
  • It’s cheap to install
  • Easy to mount or dismount the bike from the hook


  • The vertical position can cause air to bubble up in hydraulic brakes. This can make the brake spongy after some time.

Tools And Accessories Required To Use This Method

  • A hook or rack of your preference
  • Screws if necessary
  • A drill with an appropriate drill bit

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How To Hang Bike On Wall Horizontally

Vertical mounting your bike has many benefits, but it doesn’t let you showcase your bike. If your bike is like a prized possession that you’d want to put on display, you may consider hanging it horizontally. The only drawback of this method is that it uses up much more space both on and in front of the wall.

You can use a horizontal bike rack, an old handlebar, or multiple hooks to hang your bike horizontally. Fear not, as we’ll discuss all of these methods here.

Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Hanger, Indoor Bicycle Hook Holder Storage Rack for Home or Garage, 45 Degree Adjustable Angle to Keep Bike Level

Let’s start with the horizontal rack method first. You’ll have to look for a rack like Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Hanger. This one’s made of quality aluminum, and it’s designed to allow you to hang your bike. Also, it has a unique design compatible with most bike shapes.

Once you get a rack, you need to screw it into the wall. Just like a hook, find the solid portion of your wall, drill a hole, and screw the rack in. Once the rack is installed, you must mount the cycle on its top tube. Just rest the top tube on the hooks of the rack. It’ll be stable in most cases.

Delta Cycle 2 Bike Rack Garage - Foldable Bicycle Wall Mount Hanger with Storage Shelf Holds Up to 65 lbs

If you don’t want a rack with hooks, you can get one of these racks, like the Delta Cycle 2 Bike Foldable Rack with a storage shelf. Instead of two hooks, these come with a shelf for greater stability. Also, this one from Delta Cycle is made with alloy steel, powder coated for longevity.

Now, you could simulate the rack with an old handlebar. For this to work, you need to screw the handlebar into the wall, and you can use the protrusions as hooks for mounting the top tube of your bike.


  • Let you showcase your bike in all its glory.
  • It doesn’t lead to any issues with the hydraulic brakes


  • It takes up a lot more space than a vertical mount

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A rack
  • Necessary screws
  • A drill with an appropriate drill bit

Another way of hanging your bike on the wall horizontally would be to use multiple hooks. As you’ve seen already, the bike racks for horizontal mount can be a bit expensive. You can use multiple hooks if you want a cheap alternative to these.

You can buy multiple hooks or get a set like this one from Shepherd Hardware. Now, you’ll have to install three hooks on the wall. Take measurements of the bike, so you know the accurate positions of the top tube, the front wheel, and the back wheel. Now, install three hooks on the wall that mimics these positions.

Shepherd Hardware 8088E Heavy Duty Steel Garage Storage/Assorted Utility Hooks, 6 Pack, black

Once done, mount the top tube on the middle hook while supporting the bike with your hands. Slowly hook the bike’s wheels on the remaining hooks in a manner that the weight is equally distributed across the three hooks.


  • Better weight distribution across the bike
  • A cheaper alternative


  • Requires more time for mounting and dismounting as there are three hooks

Tools And Accessories Required

  • Three hooks
  • Screws
  • A drill with an appropriate drill bit

How To Hang Bike On Wall In Apartment

Those who live in an apartment face a lot of complications due to a lack of space. However, many apartment owners don’t allow the tenants to drill the walls, so most likely, they won’t be able to opt for the methods we’ve discussed thus far.

If you’re facing similar problems, you can get a tension column. Take a look at the Feedback Sports column. This column doesn’t require any drilling for installation. It comes with an adjustable height. You have to adjust the height to fit the height of your ceiling. The column has to press against both the ceiling and the floor, and this tension will keep the column standing.

Feedback Sports Velo Column Bike Stand

These columns usually come with two stands for hanging two bikes horizontally. So, they’re an excellent choice for those living in apartments, as these will help you save a ton of space.

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How To Hang Bike On Wall In Garage

The best way to hang the bike on the wall in the garage would be to use racks for the horizontal mount. Garages can become full very easily, and a horizontal mount will keep the bike off the space.

If you want to save some space on the wall, you could also use a vertical mount. In this case, the bike will take up more space on the floor but will free up some space on the wall.

How To Hang A Bike On A Concrete Wall

Concrete walls are solid all around, so it’s relatively easier to install a rack or a hook to these. However, you may want to use blue screws for concrete. We recommend getting CONFAST screws. These will be more stable for concretes than regular screws. Also, you’ll have an easier time screwing these in.

Other than that, there’s not much difference between hanging your bike on regular and concrete walls.

To hang a bike on a concrete wall, you need a rack or hook of your choice. You can use any of the products mentioned earlier in the article. Once you have that, drill a hole in the wall with a drill bit. It’s not mandatory to install the hook on the beam as the entire wall is solid and capable of holding the bike’s weight. Once the rack is installed, you can hang your bike on it.


  • Concrete is more stable and has more strength.
  • You don’t have to find any joists in concrete walls, as most wall parts will be solid, offering equal footing across the surface.


  • You need to use special blue screws for better stability

Tools And Accessories Required

  • Hook or rack of your choice
  • Blue screws
  • Drill with an appropriate drill bit

How To Hang A Bike On A Brick Wall

Hanging a bike on a brick wall will not only be stable, but it’ll also make the backdrop look aesthetic. Hanging a bike on a brick wall is more or less straightforward, but there’s a slight deviation from the standard procedure. Let’s look at how to hang a bike on a brick wall.

Start by plotting the pilot holes. To do so, hold the rack on the wall and use a pencil to mark the points that need to be drilled. You can choose any hanger or rack for this, but we recommend hanging your bike horizontally on a brick wall as it makes it look prettier.

After plotting the points, make holes with a drill bit of the appropriate size. This is where you would’ve screwed the rack in on any standard procedure. However, in this case, you’ll need to insert extension plugs first. You can insert these plugs with the help of a hammer. This step is crucial because it’ll make the screws stick into the wall with more strength and stability.

After installing the extension plugs, you can screw the rack or hook into the wall.


  • You can install the bike on any part of the wall as it’s stable all across


  • It involves an extra step in the process

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A rack or hooks
  • Screws
  • Extension plugs
  • A hammer
  • Drill with the appropriate bit

How To Hang A Bike On A Plaster Wall

The problem with plaster walls is that it’s very tough to find studs. You can use a regular electronic stud finder to locate studs on drywalls. However, in most cases, electronic stud finders will malfunction and give off false readings when you wave them in front of plaster walls.

This is why you must use a magnetic stud finder for finding studs on a plaster wall. These use neodymium magnets and don’t require any power source to work. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll find a stud as they detect metals such as screws as well.

Also, the way of using a magnetic stud finder is very different. You must drag it slowly across the wall to feel the magnetic pull. Then again, you’ll need to visualize how the wall is constructed to deduce where the studs might be located. Furthermore, verifying whether you’ve located a stud or a nail is important. You may find you’ve located a stud, but there’s a high chance that you’ve actually found a nail.

To do so, you need to check vertically for the location of more studs, as they’re usually placed vertically on top of one another. If you find 5-6 spots on the same vertical plane, you can be confident that you’ve located a stud.

Once you’ve located the stud, you’re done with most of the hard work. Next up, you have to make the necessary amount of holes in the wall, install the rack or the hooks, and you’ll be set to mount the bike! You can use vertical and horizontal mounting orientations to hang a bike on a plaster wall.


  • It offers very stable support for hanging your bike


  • Finding the studs can be highly complicated

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A magnetic stud detector
  • A rack or hooks
  • Screws
  • A drill with an appropriate drill bit

How To Hang Bike On Drywall

Unlike regular concrete walls, installing a bike mount on drywall can be difficult. However, nothing is impossible with the proper technique and tools. So, stick with us if you want to learn how to mount your bike on drywall.

Drywalls are very popular as they’re not only cost-effective but also durable. You’re most likely to have drywall in your home or apartment if it was built after the 1990s’. Now, you can’t just bore a hole in any part of drywall and expect the hook or the rack to sustain. You will have to find studs.

Thankfully, finding a stud on drywall is much easier than finding a plaster wall. All you’ll need is an electronic stud finder. You can use a quality tool like the Zircon MultiScanner A200 if you want to find the stud quickly. This device deep scans your wall and accurately displays a stud’s exact location.

Also, you’ll need appropriate hardware to keep the rack stable. You may need different kinds of fasteners depending on the type of rack you’re installing. Here’s a list of fasteners you can use.

Expanding Plastic Sleeves

The expanding plastic sleeves are anchors that spread when bolts or screws are threaded in. As they spread like wings into the wall, they offer a decent foothold for hanging any item. However, these are great for light items. You don’t want to hang anything above 15 pounds on these sleeves. Also, these tend to loosen up over time if they’re put under too much stress. So, we recommend using them only when you’re using multiple hooks for hanging your bike.

Screw-In Anchors

Next up, we have screw-in anchors that can hold up to 25 pounds. However, some low-quality ones can hold only up to 10 pounds, so you need to be careful while picking one. You can get both plastic and metal screw-in anchors, but we recommend metal ones as these are more durable and stable.

E-Z Anchors

Lastly, there are the E-Z anchors. These are amazing not only because they can hold heavy objects but also because they can be inserted anywhere. So, you can skip the entire process of finding a stud if you have one of these. It has flanges that allow it to hold onto any part of drywall. These can hold up to 85 pounds, so they’re amazing for hanging heavy objects.

So, once you find the stud and decide on the fastener, you can start the drilling. Then, attach the bike mount with the appropriate screws. Finally, clean the place up and hang your bike!


  • It lets you hold objects as heavy as 85 pounds properly


  • Finding a stud for putting the fastener in can be tedious

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A bike racks
  • A fastener of your choice
  • An appropriate screw
  • A drill with a proper drill bit
  • A hammer

How To Hang Bike Hooks In Drywall

Hanging a bike hook in drywall is simple, but there are specific additional steps you must perform.

Start the process by choosing a hook that can hold your bike in place. The seller should mention the weight capacity of the hook and use such information to determine if a hook will be sufficient or not.

Then, measure your bike to determine how high and exactly where you should hang it. The cycle should be at least two feet above the floor when hung horizontally. It should be at least a foot over the floor if it is hung vertically.

Now, try to find a stud at the height where you’re supposed to hang the bike. You should use an electronic stud finder, which works very well on drywalls. Once you’ve found a stud, use a drill bit to bore a hole into the wall.

Then, you must insert a wall plug or a fastener to ensure the screws hold up well in the wall. Also, this makes it easier than inserting the screw directly into the stud. Then, take the hook and screw it into the drywall, and it’ll be ready for hanging your bike.

If you’re planning on mounting your bike vertically on the wall, we’d recommend putting some transparent contact paper on the places where the bike’s tires will rest. This will protect the wall from stains and scratches.

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How To Hang Bike On Slatwall

Slatwall is much different from regular walls because they have horizontal groves on them. Depending on the panel you’re getting, the distance between the groves may differ, but they usually stand at a distance of 6″.

Irrespective, it’s important to know how to hang a bike on Slatwall because you can’t use a standard bike rack or hook for this. You must use one of these hooks from Proslat. These are made especially for Slatwall.

Proslat 13028 Vertical Bike Hook Designed for Proslat PVC Slatwall, Gray

Moreover, it’s hard to find suitable bike racks for Slatwall. So, we recommend getting hooks whether you want to mount them vertically or horizontally. For vertical mounting, you need to install one hook. For horizontal mount, you’ll need two.


  • Make an excellent backdrop for displaying anything
  • Capable of hiding the fittings
  • As Slatwalls are made of aluminum inserts, they offer very high durability


  • You’ll be restricted in terms of what kind of hanger you’ll use

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A hook or a rack made especially for slat walls
  • A drill
  • Screws

How To Hang Bike On Pegboard

If you want to hang a bike on a pegboard, you first need to inspect what kind of pegboard you have at your disposal. Pegboards can be either heavy-duty or light-duty. There are also metal pegboards that can hold a ton of weight. You’ll be okay with both metal and heavy-duty pegboards if you wish to hang a bike on them.

So, you need to start by measuring the wall on top of which you’ll install the pegboard. If you already have one installed, you can skip this part altogether. Once you decide on the dimensions of the pegboard that you’ll install, you need to purchase adequate pieces and build a frame. We recommend making a plywood frame, as these last longer and are very easy to use. Also, these are pretty affordable.

Once you’re done making the pegboard, you’ll need to mount it on the wall first. This can be a bit tough as you’ll have to find the studs in your wall first. As we’ve discussed already, finding studs can be difficult, depending on the type of wall you’re working with.

Also, you’ll need to find a lot of studs, as you need to anchor the frame at least once in 16 inches. Once you’re done drilling the studs, align the frame to them and use wood screws to attach the pegboard to the wall.

After installing the frame, you must install the pegboard. To do so, use at least one regular screw every 6 inches. Also, secure the screws with washers, so they don’t come off. This will allow the pegboard to withstand the weight of the cycle. Even if the pegboard is heavy-duty, it may not be capable of holding the bike down if it’s not fastened well enough.

Now that the pegboard is finally mounted, you can install hooks on it. You can use these garage hooks by BISEBIN, as these are heavy-duty hooks that can withstand the weight of a bike pretty well. You may want to use multiple hooks if you plan on a horizontal mount. Use two for holding the bike’s top tube. Use one for the front wheel and another for the rear wheel. This will ensure even weight distribution and will keep the bike held stably.

Bisebin 22PCS Garage Hooks Heavy Duty, Steel Storage Utility Hook, Garage Organization Tool Shelf Have Anti Slip Coating for Organizing Power or Garden Tools, Bike, Cable Organization, Men’s Gift

Using one hook will be sufficient if you’re looking for a vertical mount. However, we don’t recommend this as it puts a lot of pressure on one hook. Still, you can opt for this if facing massive space constraints.

One thing to note here is you don’t want to install a pegboard on a wall with a ton of moisture. Make sure the pegboard stays as far from moisture as possible, as it can harm the board. Over time, the board will soak moisture up and will become brittle. Exerting high pressure on it, like hanging a bike, can lead to breakage, damaging your bike for good.


  • It creates an opportunity for hanging more stuff
  • Cost-effective solution


  • May warp if exposed to moisture

Tools And Accessories Required

  • Pegboard (Metal or heavy-duty)
  • Stud finder
  • Drill
  • Hook
  • Screws

How To Hang A Bike On A Wall Without Drilling

Drilling a wall may not be for everyone. Whether it’s because of your landowner’s restrictions, extra hassle, or just because you don’t want to ruin your wall, you may want an alternative that doesn’t require you to drill it.

You can hang a bike on a wall without drilling in multiple ways. Let’s go through some of them here.

Using Glue

Yes, some glues are strong enough to hold up a bike. You can get the Gorilla Max adhesive. It’s made especially for construction, so it’s strong enough for this purpose.

Furthermore, you’ll require some wooden panels to make a DIY bike rack. You can do this yourself or get it done in the nearby hardware store. Just use two pieces of hardwood board. Place a square shape board vertically on top of one another. The panel on the bottom will stick to the wall, while the one on top will serve as the hanger for the bike.

After it’s made, attach it to the wall using glue. Let it dry for a few hours. Once the glue adequately bonds the wall, you can hang a bike on it. Still, make sure to double-check by applying mild pressure. Don’t let go of the bike when you put it on the rack for the first time.


  • Easy DIY solution
  • It doesn’t require complicated steps like finding studs
  • It can be done without any expensive hardware


  • Finding the right glue can be tough

Tools And Accessories Required

  • Hardwood panels
  • Construction glue

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Tension Bike Racks

The other way of doing this is to use a tension bike rack. These racks span from the floor to the ceiling and are height adjustable. They work on a unique principle and don’t require you to drill your wall. To use these, you need to place them adjacent to a wall. Then, extend the rack as much as possible, which will help the rack exert pressure on the roof and the floor. This tension will keep the wall straight and stable after some pressure is exerted on it.

Most of these come with a weight limit, but they should be good enough for holding two bikes. Most of these racks come with two racks.

RAD Cycle Woody Bike Stand Bicycle Rack Storage or Display Holds Two Bicycles and is Constructed of Stylish Hard Wood

You can consider this rack from RAD sports. Unlike most racks made of metal, these are made of wood. So they look much more beautiful and natural. Also, these are heavy-duty racks that can hold up to two-hundred pounds. Now, you’ll be able to hold up to two bikes on these easily.


  • It lets you hang up to two bikes easily.
  • It doesn’t require you to damage your wall, floor, or ceiling
  • Easy to setup


  • Depending on which rack you’re getting, the solution may be expensive

Tools And Accessories Required

  • A tension bike rack


We’ve discussed multiple methods of hanging bikes on walls. Now that you’re here with us in conclusion, it’s safe to guess that you’ve read through them all. Still, finding the proper method might be difficult.

We would’ve used the horizontal mounting system on a concrete wall if it were up to us. The main reason behind this is it’s relatively easier to find concrete walls around us. Plaster and drywalls are great too, but they require you to find studs, and this process can be painful.

However, if you don’t have any concrete walls in your home, we’d recommend installing a pegboard. Yes, this process can be a bit troublesome initially. The installation procedure sure isn’t easy. Yet, it’ll make your life easier later on as it’s much more stable.

There you have it; we’re curious about your chosen method!

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